Bird Day – Cardinal


Today I was doing some design assignment since early morning and thought let’s take a break for sometime. It’s been almost a week I haven’t open my WordPress app! I saw few post from my fellow artist friends and it reminded me it’s a Bird Day today! God how can I forget? It’s already 8th of this month! Time flies so fast. I haven’t missed a single bird day since I started contributing to this Laura’s initiative of Draw A Bird Day on 8th of every month.

Then I immediately turned off my iMac and open my watercolor notebook thinking what should I paint for this month’s DABD! Whenever I think of painting birds I quickly visit to Kathy’s Backyard there I have plenty of choices 😍 This Handsome Cardinal I found in her backyard. Thanks so much Kathy for a wonderful click and sharing with us this natural beauty!

For this painting, I wanted to keep it simple and quick. So decided to do it loosely. I have used WN colors on 140 lb CP watercolor paper. Added little ultramarine blue to add an accent to all these warm colors.

I hope my birdie is still there in this months DABD! He is wishing you a Happy Monday too! Have a great week ahead!

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Bird Day-Peacock

National Bird of India

It’s been a long time I painted peacock so thought let’s do it for this month’s  Draw A Bird Day! Also I wanted to participate in Charlie’s this month’s challenge ‘National Celebration Days’, I decided to join in with today’s challenge DABD  🙂

Last time when I painted peacock it was like more realistic. So this time I wanted to make it in loose watercolor style though his face and neck I did it semi realistic but feathers I just painted it as a suggestive forms.I wanted to give primary attention to his face and then this colorful background.

Peacock is a national bird of India. The Indian Blue Peacock is a universally known bird with a fan-shaped crest. The rainy season is very favorite with the peacock. When it rains, they becomes very happy and starts spreading their nicely decorative plumes and dance joyfully, which is a most delightful and rare sight. The peahen (female) compared to the peacock is dull looking and smaller in size; peahen has no plume.

I’ve used 140 lb cold press paper, W&N Ultramarine Blue, Cerulean Blue, Viridian, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna and Cadmium Yellow colors for this #doodlewash

Thank you 🙂


Bird Day-Nuthatch


This is my little bird for a month of December for Laura’s bird day!

Little bird for a little girl.

I was really surprised with nuthatch’ vertical world. Its bill is not equipped to crack open seeds, acorns, or crunchy insects, nor are its legs able to grasp the morsel while the bird hammers it open. Therefore, the nuthatch must rely on its vertical habitat to provide the means to prepare its meal.

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Bird day! Blue Jay!


Time flies so quickly, it’s 8th November, Laura’s bird day! He’s new member recently started visiting my patio. I thought let’s paint him for this months bird day!
I really like his style he enter like King! If other birds like chickadees, finches and sparrows are eating at bird feeder he hardly cares and when he enter he make some noise and he is an expert in driving other birds away from food source. I observed one thing about him is he store almost 8 to 10 seeds in his mouth and the take off. Interesting !

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I was just checking blog feeds and come to know its 8th October! Time to draw for Laura’s bird a day!

I came to know about this in last month and surprisingly on 8th September I drew a cardinal. I just asked Laura What I need to do to participate in this? She simply replied dear you have already drawn a bird! 🙂

I have used 90 lb watercolor paper, this time I directly started with colors and skipped pencil drawing.  I was not at all sure about the result as last time my experience with 90 lb paper was really bad (remember those yellow flowers). This is a real quick sketch as I was working on other painting and kept it aside and just did this in 15  mints 🙂 this time result is little better with 90lb paper! 😉

Thank you!