Well I painted these flowers a week back but couldn’t post it here. I also recorded the entire painting. I made a times lapse video which you can see it on my Instagram @artbysnehal.

I am planning to post it on my YouTube channel as well. Will keep you posted.

Thank you for stopping by.

Daffodils 🌼

Tried my hands on iPad Air using applepencil on procreate app 🌼 This is kind of my first attempt of painting flowers on iPad. And to my surprise I enjoyed digital painting.

All these days I was using my new iPad for composing scanned paintings. Or to sketch out some ideas. I was little hesitant to try flowers in procreate, in fact I was not sure how to do that. I did some Skillshare courses long back but then absolutely avoided to try them out.

Finally over the weekend I gave it a try and it turned out like this. 😀

Free Subscription to Skillshare Classes

Hello 🙋🏻‍♀️  and welcome to my new followers and friends. Do you know that I am teaching art on Skillshare.

It’s an online platform to learn various skills. You can use this link for 14 days of premium membership subscription for free. ( PS: you can unsubscribe before your free 14 days trial gets over, so that way you won’t get charged)

In this Easy Watercolor Bookmarks 🔖 class I have covered below topics in detailed 

  • How to paint Leaves
  • How to Paint Roses
  • How to make beautiful compositions of roses and leaves + a bonus video too!

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A movie scene

We had a painting contest in the office “Story on Canvas”, theme was artwork should be inspired by any famous book/ movie/ character or Series. That being said how can i miss an opportunity to paint anything inspired by Studio Ghibli movies right? So tried my hands on this Dawn scene from ‘only yesterday’

This painting is a scene from a one of the very famous movie of Studio Ghibli. 

“Only Yesterday”, directed by Isao Takahata. Movie follows a 27-year-old woman called Taeko across two different timelines, Taeko being a child and her younger-self.

Upon feeling intense wanderlust, she takes a long holiday to visit some distant family members in the countryside to help with their safflower harvest. This particular scene is a one view of safflower field.

During her trip, Taeko recalls various childhood memories of family dysfunction, puberty and first crushes. Her time in the countryside is a transformative experience that connects her to her younger self, leaving her to wonder if she has built a life her childhood self would be proud of.

Only Yesterday couldn’t be more appropriately named.

Thank you for stopping by. Stay safe and healthy.

A movie scene

Started on this piece over the last weekend, forgot to share. This scene is from one of the famous animated movie. Hope it will be recognisable once i make some more progress.

This piece will be a part of my office competition “Story on Canvas” the theme was it should be based on any movie or book. So I choose a particular movie (which I reveal soon 😀 😉 )

By the way I am not at all used to paint land scape, will see how this one will turn out.

Till time stay safe and healthy.

ETSY shop is Open now!

Yay! My ETSY shop is OPEN now!

I have listed few of my paintings from 100 days of birds painting. All are the original pieces of handmade paintings.

These paintings would make a perfect gift for a bird lover on any occasion like House warming, Anniversaries, Birthdays. Also these cute birds will look good as Office Decor, Study Room or Kids room Decor.

Thank you for stopping by, do visit my shop.

Stay safe and healthy.

Lavenders 💜

Though I promised to be consistent on my posts here on WP I hardly get time these days.

Let me tell you my routine.

I used to go to gym early morning around 6AM but these days we are under second lockdown in Pune, Maharashtra. Gyms are closed in my city. So I do some exercises at home.

Due to this COVID situation we decided not to take domestic help, so I cook twice a day along with dishes🙄. I enjoy cooking though. Sometimes (over the weekend) I make seasonal dishes like yesterday I made Mango Sheera (it’s an Indian pudding made with semolina, ghee, sugar, cashews and raisins)

I do WFH and these days office work is taking toll on me. That’s the main reason I hardly get time to make art on week days. That being said I used most of my weekends to create or paint. These days we are staying home so I utilize my weekend to rest and relax.
Also if you have read it on my Instagram story @artbysnehal that I started taking online weekend painting classes for kids. Here in India kids final exams are over and they have enough time to pursue hobbies. For now 6 kids are joining from different locations. May be I will make another post on that.

Yeah now enough of my routine, this lavender painting was done I guess a month ago and realized I never shared it. I used art philosophy colors. And this one is done directly with paints no drawing (you may noticed some flaws in jar 😜)

How about you? How’s your routine these days?

Stay safe and take care.

Hello From This Side of World 🙋🏻‍♀️

Yeah Hello There!

I know I have been away from my blog. It’s just the (pandamic) routine, working from home and all. That being said the second lock down has just started today in Maharashtra India.

Anyways I resumed my paining, I guess last week or so and started posting it on Instagram. I could not post here on WP so thought to say HI to all my WP friends and share the paintings here as well.

After such a long break I knew that I need a good amount of practice to get back on track. So tried my hands on couple of Irises. Below are the pictures and also I have posted a time lapse video on Instagram you can see it on @artbysnehal

Stay safe and healthy that is what all I can say. Thank you for stopping by.

DIY Holiday Season Cards 🎄

Though 2020 has taught us a lot. There are many reasons to cheers and let’s hope for better 2021 ! Many people around the world are preparing for this holiday season to celebrate virtually or in person too.
Make this year special for your loved ones by making personalized gift cards. You can use below links to get free 14 days of Skillshare premium membership and watch thousands of other classes along with these.

Thank you for stopping by, if you get chance to create holiday cards by watching my classes, then do share on Instagram and tag me @artbysnehal 😊