Day28: #WorldWatercolorMonth – Purple Wren


Okay! This is the last #violet #rainbowbird of the series 💜 but wait that doesn’t mean this #rainbowbirds series is over, there are 3 more days to go for this #31days #painting#challenge so stay tuned for remaining 3 #birds 😀

Can you guess which color birds will be there? 🤔 let me know in the comments .
I have used @mijello_mission@cansonpaper_northamerica@silverbrushlimited .

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New Art Material- Prima Watercolors

Happy Sunday everyone! This is my very first set of Prima Watercolor Confections! 😍 I painted this little birdie with classic palette.

You can see unboxing video on my Instagram. I have also posted work in progress time-lapse video here. First thing is I love the metal tin and the mixing spaces. In this video, you can see tin opened completely. Back of the lid, there are two large wells for mixing larger amount of color. The lower panel has four smaller wells, which can be easily fold. There are 12 colors in the set. I really liked Sky Blue, Dark blue and Purple. Gray is absolutely fantastic. Overall, the colors are pretty vibrant. I’ve enjoyed working with them. Really excited to paint more with rest of the colors 🎨 😀

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Superb Starling II – 48/100


Do you remember I painted the same guy day before yesterday?

I so liked his color combination so decided to paint him with another angle. Just to keep the consistency in both paintings, I added similar colors for background.

This guy is inspired from a phot of Wendy Sinclair from Photos for Artist.

Hope you’ll like this one too!

Ohh yes as mentioned in my earlier post here I have put both of Wren paintings in frame. In case you are just wondering how they look side by side 😀


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Blue Wren – 42/100


Started my Third bird series with this little guy. Today I’m out of stock of my watercolor papers but I didn’t want to miss a day without painting. So I painted this Blue Wren in my Canson Sketch book which is 65 lb! You can’t expect watercolor on this one Right!?
So for toady’s doodle I used Aqua brush, Staedtler pencils and Micron. (I used these pencil back in my college days, I’m still using them. The set doesn’t have a black color pencil. As I lost it in my second year of college 😀 :D) So this is the reason I had to use Micron to add black tone.
Long story short I did “Jugaad” for today’s painting. (“Jugaad” It’s a Hindi word that can mean an innovative fix or a simple work-around, used for solutions that bend rules. LoL :D)
Have a great day ahead!