Blue Tit 💙💛


Here is a Blue Tit 💛💙
I recorded entire process video, unfortunately it got damaged 😦


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2019 Calendar on sale!

🙋🏻‍♀️ Hello there! Do you know that my #art is now available on #Etsy for sale! 😀

There is a #special #offer going on my #2019 #calendar

Indian customers please DM for prices!

This #rainbow #birds #series has got 12 different birds on each page (back to back).

Also I have designed it in such a way that later on you can cut each #illustration into 4*6 and frame it as a #painting

Also to make you more happy with your order, I will be giving some surprise #gift with your purchase. So hurry up!

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I’m teaching art on Skillshare🎨


If you are following me on Instagram then you already aware of, that I was working on a secret project and here it is!

I’m so happy to announce that my first online class is published today on Skillshare.  It’s about how to paint bird of paradise in watercolor. 

You don’t need to have any prior experience with watercolors. This class will help you to understand start to end painting process in detail. 

I will be sharing with you

  • How I paint the Bird of Paradise combining different watercolor techniques such as wet on wet, wet on dry. 
  • How to paint the base layers 
  • How to add the shadows and final details

If you are a professional, this class will definitely help you produce beautiful pieces of art.

At the end of the class, you will able to paint a beautiful Bird of Paradise flower to decorate your home or to give as a gift.

Join me here on Skillshare and get a free 2 months of premium membership. With this you can watch thousands of other classes of your choice.

Day31: #WorldWatercolorMonth – Eastern-Rosella


Yay 😀 !  This is the last birdie of my 31 days #rainbowbirds series for #worldwatercolormonth

I had painted many birds before but this time I felt I learned more and it definitely helped me to develop my own style. I tried to paint in loose style, along with keeping the main subject form as it is. It was fun painting 31 birds in a row.

I would like to thank all of you for your encouraging feedback and comments.  If you want to see all birds together and some of the work in progress videos then just visit my Instagram @artbysnehal

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Day30: #WorldWatercolorMonth – Pale-headed rosella


Its just one more day to go to finish this #rainbowbirds project on the occasion of #worldwatercolormonth

I have used Mijello Mission Gold colors and 140 lb cold press paper for this one.

Those who are new to my blog, just to let them know that I have been painting #rainbowbirds for #worldwatercolormonth If you want to see them all together and some of the work in progress videos then just visit my Instagram @artbysnehal

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Day29: #WorldWatercolorMonth – Sun conure


Well as I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I’m already done with all #rainbowbirds and there will be 3 more days to go for this #worldwatercolormonth so I have decided to paint vibrantly colored parrot for next 3 days. I guess they will be covering all rainbow colors. 🌈 What do you think?

Day28: #WorldWatercolorMonth – Purple Wren


Okay! This is the last #violet #rainbowbird of the series 💜 but wait that doesn’t mean this #rainbowbirds series is over, there are 3 more days to go for this #31days #painting#challenge so stay tuned for remaining 3 #birds 😀

Can you guess which color birds will be there? 🤔 let me know in the comments .
I have used @mijello_mission@cansonpaper_northamerica@silverbrushlimited .

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