Day #86 /100 – Preparing paintings for sell

No new painting today. I cut few from 100 days project. The cutting took an hour and then photo shoot for another 2 hours. Husband helped me taking photos and editing too. You can see my today’s Instagram story for more details.

It still  need some work then it will be ready for sell!

Day #35/100 – Parakeet 🦜


Here is a parakeet surrounded with pink flowers 🌸 I guess this is the first time I have painted parakeet.

If you remember I mentioned that I had decided to dedicate one hour for daily bird painting but somehow I end up spending hour and half to two! These days I finish pencil sketch of bird within 10-15 minutes but then I keep working until I get the kind of “ah! that’s good enough” By myself 😆 I know it sounds funny 😄

Thank you for stopping by.

Day #2 /100 – Sparrow and Dalgona


I have this little chubby sparrow for today. It’s been a while I used white night colors, I have used them today for painting this little birdie. Also it’s Draw A Bird Day today, so this is my entry for DABD.

I usually don’t post personal photos but On the other hand on the note of quarantine life, while everyone around the world is posting about “Dalgona” coffee photos, here is ours. We tried it today for fun 😀