Beautiful Window – 52/100


Today I painted this beautiful window with full of flowers. It’s good to have little change right? So instead of painting any single flower I combined them together. So these flowers will still be a part of my series 😉 😀

I decided to paint window kind of semi realistic and flowers in suggestive forms. Hope it goes well together. Would love to know your views. 🙂




For this Watercolor illustration I have used 140 lb cold press, Sakura koi colors and Pentle aquash brush for some part.

I wanted to highlight window and flowers, So i have done the bricks background with wet on wet technique, just to show suggestive forms.

I found windows is quite interesting subject for painting, you can see my first window planing here.

Thanks for stopping by would love to hear from you. 😊


Day6! Window


Tuscany Window was today’s challenge.

After pencil drawing I have started with background with wet on wet technique, i don’t wanted everything in yellow occur and gray so I added little blue and then bricks and cracks texture. Flowers are also done with wet on wet.

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