Day #89 /100 – Macaw

Yes! Still not opened my art box yet. Painted this using aqua brush pen. I have recorded a time lapse video of this one, will be sharing it soon on Instagram.

Another update is it’s a second last day of our home quarantine. I am bored of this quarantine! Just counting the days.

Thank you for stopping by.

Day #84 /100 – Tiny bird


I have this tiny birds in progress for today. It’s my quarantined painting so I am using my travel kit these days. That being said it’s hard for me to achieve desired results with brush pen. Or may be it’s just my excuse that I am not using my regular art supplies 😉

so another update is our hotel quarantine is over today, and next 7 days we will be home quarantined. It feels so good when you come home after such a hectic journey and staying in hotel for a week with all your luggage. When we reached home, my mother in law cooked a delicious lunch / thali to welcome us. That was a bliss having homemade food after a while.

As I mentioned before, I am almost 10-15 days behind in this 100 days project, and it’s July the world watercolor month going on, I think I could participate in #worldwatercolormonth as well at the same time right!

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Day #82-83 /100 – Blue Tit

Work in progress

No this not a third part of Travel during pandemic 😉 but I must say Jet lags are not so cool 😎 Its day #3 I am sleeping almost entire afternoon and stay awake at night like an owl 🦉! Yes that’s true!

Anyways here are blue tits work in progress ( which I couldn’t post yesterday) and the completed version for today.

Day #79 /100 – Robin and spring flowers 🌸


Yay it’s done!
I am kind of enjoying this bird with florals series.

Today we went to Mike’s (my husband’s colleague) place. He invited us over BBQ.
He kept the coals on the grill ready in his backyard. It was our first American BBQ experience. We loved outdoor bbq and he was the master of grill.

When he visited our apartment couple of weeks ago, he saw the paintings on wall. He was so much interested in my bird paintings, and asked if he can keep those frames as we might be moving back to India soon.  so I gifted him all of the three paintings and he loved it.

I was so happy that my artworks were going to new home, not one or two but three at a time.

Thank You!