Purple Irises


Hello everyone!

This is the second painting I painted over the weekend.

Material used are – Prima Watercolors, Bee Paper and Raphael Brush. If you want to see a process video, just click here.

I added a couple of flowers after the video recording as it was looking empty and imbalanced. You will see the difference in the video. It was a super quick painting, I thought I have missed some details of flowers but then looking at completed painting it was still looking refreshing. What do you think 🤔 ?

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Because it’s Monday #37: Summer Memories


This summer we visited to Denver Zoo and while roaming in the zoo we came across this wonderful composition. My husband clicked a photograph for me. I wanted to paint this one for long time, finally last week I started painting and now it’s done.

I must say it took me a while to finish this one. First I stared with pencil drawing. Then masked the bicycle and flowers so that I could paint background. After that I moved to paint basket, flowers and rest of the bicycle. The important part was shadow, It adds separation from the background.

You can see the progress photos below. Hope you like it. Happy Monday and have a great week ahead. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

Because It’s Monday! #5 –Poppy Landscape


It’s been a long time I painted Poppies so thought let’s give it a try with my new colors and here it is Poppy Sunny Day Landscape! ( 8*10″ on 140 lb cold press paper)

I started with pencil drawing then masked those poppies and applied first wash for sky. After that I moved to greenery I wanted to show some sunny effect so there I used Cadmium Yellow in greenery. Here I worked in layers as water-color dry lighter, I mixed Cadmium Yellow + Cerulean Blue,  Yellow Ochre + Prussian Blue, Cadmium Yellow + Ultramarine Blue ( I tried everything to create different greens 😉 )

Then again I moved to sky to apply more blue added little yellow in the center to give sunny effect but there I fell to get that effect, LoL this how you learn things with R&D 😀

After that I unmasked poppies and buds. I tought let’s color the flowers first so that I can add darkest dark values where it needed. And this is how I called it done. Hope you’ll enjoy this one 🙂

Ohhh Yes! One announcement as now a days I’ve started working on my design portfolio( to get back to job ;)), I’m busy with updating myself in terms of design trends, new design software, some practice assignments etc. So I’ve decided to give week days for design things and weekend for my watercolor paining 🙂 I thought I should share my work to get some design critics which may help me to improve my design skills. I know it would be boring to share my UI Design work on this blog so  thought I should start a separate one for this.

Here is a link to my new blog https://dailyuidesign.wordpress.com 

Thank you for all your support 🙂

Have a good day and nice week ahead.


Day29! Landscape


One more landscape in 30 days painting!

Last week weather in Eden Prairie, MN was partly sunny and there was rain showers almost for 2-3 days in early start of week. Me and my husband were going for an evening walk, At the intersection of our community he captured this beautiful photo.

Actual Photograph
Actual Photograph

I thought, it could be a nice wallpaper, so this is my current wallpaper for iPad and phone! 😎

I like the lights and shadows, so thought to give it a try to paint! It was little tough, specially trees! I found it difficult may be I need to practice/explore more about tree painting. But I think this how you  learn or develop your skills with R&D! Right?

Thank you for visiting 🙂

Day25! Landscape


This is second landscape in 30 in 30 days painting challenge. First one was blossom and now this!

I enjoyed this painting.  Generally I start with pencil sketch before paint, in this case directly started painting. First I had wash for sky then orange flowers and grass. At the bottom I used big flat brush for grass strokes. Overall it was all fun painting with big flat and round brushes. I think I started liking landscape 😉

Day4! Fruit Treat


Beat the summer heat with fruits such as kiwi, orange, and strawberries make a delicious and nutritious treat.

I just wanted to create pattern with this fruit forms, have given suggestive lights and shadows to each form. Instead of giving any flat color to background or keeping it plain white I thought let’s add some floral design to it just to make visually interesting.



Today i got my Sakura Koi watercolor set. One of my instagram friend who is pro artist suggested me for this. I am very excited to use my new watercolors.

I started with Flower pot. I am loving this colors, they are so fresh! About the pot transparency i guess i need to work more on that what do you say?


Hanging Basket in my Patio!

Hanging Basket in Watercolor
Hanging Basket in Watercolor

It’s a summer time, people have decorated amazing patios in our community and so do I 🙂  I have planted red roses, white and red Dianthus, marigold and I’ll add few more soon.

I have a Bird feeder too. Sparrows, Yellow Warblers, Orange Finches, Gray wren are daily visitors 🙂  Bright red and white flower in my hanging basket attracts birds. Now they learn that they have food here so they will continue to return.