Day 49/100 – For my Dad 💕🎁

For my dad! Wishing you a wonderful 59th birthday in heaven that’s filled with peace, love and happiness. I miss you so much, we all miss you so much. I keep thinking about you, Dad, even though it hurts. 

It’s already  May 26 in India. I remember how we siblings used to celebrate his birthday. He was a big fan of celebrating birthdays. He used to enjoy cake cutting at Midnight. The following morning our mom used to make his favorite food, a magnificent feast. We used to get him gifts 🎁 whatever the gift was he was always loved every single time. Later on he used to show off those gifts to other family members and his friends proudly… At the end these sweet memories he left behind that we shared together.

Every day without him has been hard, but on this day especially how much I wish dad you were here with us.


Day #2 /100 – Sparrow and Dalgona


I have this little chubby sparrow for today. It’s been a while I used white night colors, I have used them today for painting this little birdie. Also it’s Draw A Bird Day today, so this is my entry for DABD.

I usually don’t post personal photos but On the other hand on the note of quarantine life, while everyone around the world is posting about “Dalgona” coffee photos, here is ours. We tried it today for fun 😀


Chubby Sparrow – 83/100


As I said yesterday that I’m enjoying this graphic style so here is this Chubby Sparrow for today. This cute bird is inspired form a photo of Laurie Snidow. Thanks Laurie!

It’s Friday! We got some snow yesterday so weekend will be pretty cold, don’t have any plans for weekend yet. But Happy Weekend to you!  😀