Day #43 /100 – Hummingbird


Hummingbird and flowers for today. These days I feel like I am always in a hurry that I just post a picture of every painting that’s it! No description nothing. Just uploading every day post and running like a horse to get back to work on other tasks.

Thank You for stopping by.

Day #35/100 – Parakeet 🦜


Here is a parakeet surrounded with pink flowers 🌸 I guess this is the first time I have painted parakeet.

If you remember I mentioned that I had decided to dedicate one hour for daily bird painting but somehow I end up spending hour and half to two! These days I finish pencil sketch of bird within 10-15 minutes but then I keep working until I get the kind of “ah! that’s good enough” By myself 😆 I know it sounds funny 😄

Thank you for stopping by.

Day #33/100 – Peace ✌️ 🦢


I have painted many birds so far, but I hardly painted white birds. I was always hesitant about trying it. Finally I got a chance to paint swan close up today. I purposefully added light florals to maintain the contrast between bird and flowers.

How’s your weekend going on?


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