Because it’s Monday #31:Pumpkin Pumpkin


It’s a pumpkin season, I can see pumpkin all around! And I haven’t painted one for this season. There you go! On this Monday I bought these pumpkins for you.

My friend Laura captured a wonderful photograph of pumpkins, which inspired me to paint them. I always enjoy her nature photography. Thank so much Laura for allowing me to use your photograph.

In the above painting I wanted to highlight the front pumpkin so remaining two are not so realistic. In the background I tried to show few pumpkins in suggestive form, I know it’s hard to recognize 😉 😀  The same way I added leafs at the bottom in suggestive forms.

Have a great Monday!

Hello Pumpkin Pumpkin!



I know I am totally ignoring my blog after I finished 30 days painting challenge. I was little busy with few things but Now I am back 🙂

It’s October and I can see pumpkins everywhere! Here are my pumpkins! I guess this is my first try at negative painting in watercolor. It was little difficult to work on background, I decided to highlight only few leaves and rest I have painted as a suggestive forms.

Thank you for visiting, your suggestions are welcome.