Day #59/100 – Nuthatch

After playing with so many colors, decided to work with gray tones for a while. Here is a Nuthatch for today. They used to visit my patio back in Minneapolis.

If you want to learn bird painting then these is a complete course I have designed on skillshare, you can watch it for free with link.

Nuthatch – 31/100


Nuthatches are very active. They may be small but their voices are loud – ‘yank-yank, yank-yank’ 😀 They were frequent visitors to my bird feeder( in MN). I used to attract them by offering sunflower seeds and peanuts.  It was fun watching them.

About this illustration – I stared with pencil drawing , outline with Micron then moved to paint. Used St. petersburg white nights colors.

Ohh yes PS. next 10 days I’ll be painting flowers. Thank you for visiting.

Bird Day-Nuthatch


This is my little bird for a month of December for Laura’s bird day!

Little bird for a little girl.

I was really surprised with nuthatch’ vertical world. Its bill is not equipped to crack open seeds, acorns, or crunchy insects, nor are its legs able to grasp the morsel while the bird hammers it open. Therefore, the nuthatch must rely on its vertical habitat to provide the means to prepare its meal.

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