A movie scene

We had a painting contest in the office “Story on Canvas”, theme was artwork should be inspired by any famous book/ movie/ character or Series. That being said how can i miss an opportunity to paint anything inspired by Studio Ghibli movies right? So tried my hands on this Dawn scene from ‘only yesterday’

This painting is a scene from a one of the very famous movie of Studio Ghibli. 

“Only Yesterday”, directed by Isao Takahata. Movie follows a 27-year-old woman called Taeko across two different timelines, Taeko being a child and her younger-self.

Upon feeling intense wanderlust, she takes a long holiday to visit some distant family members in the countryside to help with their safflower harvest. This particular scene is a one view of safflower field.

During her trip, Taeko recalls various childhood memories of family dysfunction, puberty and first crushes. Her time in the countryside is a transformative experience that connects her to her younger self, leaving her to wonder if she has built a life her childhood self would be proud of.

Only Yesterday couldn’t be more appropriately named.

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A movie scene

Started on this piece over the last weekend, forgot to share. This scene is from one of the famous animated movie. Hope it will be recognisable once i make some more progress.

This piece will be a part of my office competition “Story on Canvas” the theme was it should be based on any movie or book. So I choose a particular movie (which I reveal soon 😀 😉 )

By the way I am not at all used to paint land scape, will see how this one will turn out.

Till time stay safe and healthy.

Inspired by nature 🌲


Few weeks back we went to Rocky Mountains National Park. I clicked this photo from running car, so it’s not clear though. I tried to captured the view.

I have used Prussian blue for sky then I realized I could have used other blue with little pink. As I started this painting on US art supply 140 lb paper, which doesn’t contain a high amount of water. So thought let’s not mess with sky by adding some water and other colors.  Let it be for now!  🙂

Mini Landscape 26/31


This quick landscape of skyline, I started with micron and then decided to use aqua brush to fill colors. I know this is not up to the mark.  Hope you’ll accept my quick doodle for today and I’ll get enough time tomorrow to paint something nice!

Mt. Evans Landscape 19/31


On the weekend we went to Mt. Evans about 45 minutes drive from Denver. It was gorgeous, scenic drive.

We went to the highest point of the mountain, it is worth it. Amazing View. We stopped at Summit Lake Park to check out the landscape. It’s incredible as well. It is so beautiful out there, we get out from car and took pictures and walk a bit. We saw a small flock of mountain goats. Drive on narrow road was real fun. It was 95 or something in Denver and there it was around 45-50. It was so cold out there.

About the painting, landscape is not my cup of tea! But thought let’s give it a try. I thought I’ll start with pencil drawing, I drew few stones but then cancelled and directly started with micron and then moved to painting. As I was not sure about the landscape process. But quite happy with the over all result.

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Because It’s Monday! #5 –Poppy Landscape


It’s been a long time I painted Poppies so thought let’s give it a try with my new colors and here it is Poppy Sunny Day Landscape! ( 8*10″ on 140 lb cold press paper)

I started with pencil drawing then masked those poppies and applied first wash for sky. After that I moved to greenery I wanted to show some sunny effect so there I used Cadmium Yellow in greenery. Here I worked in layers as water-color dry lighter, I mixed Cadmium Yellow + Cerulean Blue,  Yellow Ochre + Prussian Blue, Cadmium Yellow + Ultramarine Blue ( I tried everything to create different greens 😉 )

Then again I moved to sky to apply more blue added little yellow in the center to give sunny effect but there I fell to get that effect, LoL this how you learn things with R&D 😀

After that I unmasked poppies and buds. I tought let’s color the flowers first so that I can add darkest dark values where it needed. And this is how I called it done. Hope you’ll enjoy this one 🙂

Ohhh Yes! One announcement as now a days I’ve started working on my design portfolio( to get back to job ;)), I’m busy with updating myself in terms of design trends, new design software, some practice assignments etc. So I’ve decided to give week days for design things and weekend for my watercolor paining 🙂 I thought I should share my work to get some design critics which may help me to improve my design skills. I know it would be boring to share my UI Design work on this blog so  thought I should start a separate one for this.

Here is a link to my new blog https://dailyuidesign.wordpress.com 

Thank you for all your support 🙂

Have a good day and nice week ahead.


#Day4 Fall Trees


It’s all cold here in Minnesota, so thought to choose this subject with warm palette. Fall in winter!  Hehe!

I have used 140lb CP paper, Koi & Reeves colors, Water Spray & Masking Fluid. I started with pencil drawing and then masked tree trunks and few spots here and there for yellow leaves. Then I applied background wash with few splashes of thick color and then I used water spray. I let it dry completely then applied my second wash with darker values and lastly I worked on tree trunks. That’s it!

Here are some pics which will help you with the above description!

2016-01-02 21.25.22
Background Wash

2016-01-02 22.23.35
Trunk painting after background wash