Well I painted these flowers a week back but couldn’t post it here. I also recorded the entire painting. I made a times lapse video which you can see it on my Instagram @artbysnehal.

I am planning to post it on my YouTube channel as well. Will keep you posted.

Thank you for stopping by.

Daffodils 🌼

Tried my hands on iPad Air using applepencil on procreate app 🌼 This is kind of my first attempt of painting flowers on iPad. And to my surprise I enjoyed digital painting.

All these days I was using my new iPad for composing scanned paintings. Or to sketch out some ideas. I was little hesitant to try flowers in procreate, in fact I was not sure how to do that. I did some Skillshare courses long back but then absolutely avoided to try them out.

Finally over the weekend I gave it a try and it turned out like this. 😀

New iPad Air 2020 🤩

This year Diwali 🪔 came a week early! 🎁
New #ipadair2020 is simply amazing 🤩 my first attempt on iPad with Apple Pencil ✏️ it’s fantastic 🥳

Created a festive mobile wallpaper specifically for Diwali 🪔 Check my Instagram @artbysnehal for more details!

It’s been ages I posted something new on social media. It’s been super busy and stressful last couple of months. I tried make some art in between which I posted in Instagram.

Hope you’re doing well. Stay safe and healthy !

Get free access until Aug 6


Well this time I have decided to giveaway my class “Watercolor Cardinal Illustration” for free. It’s a premium class which I converted into free for limited time. Students with a Free Access Link can watch this class for free without a Skillshare Premium Membership.
It will be valid until August 6, 2020. Also there will be only 5 links, meaning only 5 students can access the free class.

I will be posting this for my Instagram followers as well. If you’re really interested in taking this class; You can DM me on Instagram or write here on contact page. . I will share the link with you.

Confession and Paintings!

I know I know you must be wondering about the title, yes you read it correct. I have decided to end my 100 days of bird painting project 10 days early. That means the macaw I painted was the last one from this series.

I guess this is first time I have abruptly stopped the decided painting challenge, that being said my sabbatical is over and now full time work has started. It’s hard to dedicate time for art. So I had to discontinue the current challenge 10 days before.

On the other hand, the paintings which I photographed and edited last week  are now ready for sell.



Please comment for more details or write here on contact page. 

Added new page on website

Added a separate page on the website just for Skillshare Classes. (Click here)
📣 Get 2 Free Months Skillshare Premium Membership.

Use any of these links and you will get access to watercolor painting tutorials along with 1000s of other premium classes for 2 months. You can unsubscribe anytime before or in-between 2 months, this way you won’t get charged!

This pandemic is making people crazy, use your time to make some art, learn coding, do gardening, learn new things which you had plan for years. I am sure it will definitely help you to feel better. You will get any topic you’re looking for on skillshare. Just dig in.

Oh yes! I should mention this – if you can’t register and still want to take any of my classes, just write me here and I will give you a particular limited access link.
Hurry Up!

Feel free to give your feedback or suggestions! Thank you!

Day #82-83 /100 – Blue Tit

Work in progress

No this not a third part of Travel during pandemic 😉 but I must say Jet lags are not so cool 😎 Its day #3 I am sleeping almost entire afternoon and stay awake at night like an owl 🦉! Yes that’s true!

Anyways here are blue tits work in progress ( which I couldn’t post yesterday) and the completed version for today.