Practice #2


Its a day 2 with my new tool – Wacom. I have used clip Studio paint software for this illustration.

It’s absolutely new to me so I’m spending my time on exploration of tool.

Hope to achieve desired results soon.


#day6 – Hummingbird and flowers #4

Finally it’s done! It took a while to get it done.
I have used arches 140 lb cold press 100% cotton paper, Mijello mission gold colors and my all time favorite raphael and silver brushes for this painting.

I am still editing/working on my next skillshare class, it allows me very less time for painting birds. Well and another thing I forgot to share is that I am also doing 30 days challenge for paper 53. It’s an iPad app where you have to create daily illustration as per the prompt. I haven’t shared those illustrations on social media yet but I am planning to make a post or two.

oh! have I mentioned that this year I have started keeping daily planner. I will write a post about it soon.

Hope you liked this painting. Thank you for visiting.

#day3 – Hummingbird and flowers #1

Started with this hummingbird painting. Today I could finish pencil drawing ✍️ followed by background and stared with fuchsia flower painting.

I am using arches paper for this painting as I have decided to work into multiple layers, so though this paper will definitely serve the purpose. Using Mijello mission gold colors. Please see attached work in progress pictures for reference.

Thank you.

#late post-Thanksgiving Dinner

As I mentioned in my last post that recently I moved back to States and that too just a week before Thanksgiving. Its so nice to be back in States, that being said I enjoyed a year and half in India too. But being here in States that too during holiday season is something I enjoy a lot.

This time my husband Swanand’s colleague from office invited us to Thanksgiving dinner. We were very excited for the evening, as that was our first Thanksgiving dinner with a local family over here. I was very interested knowing how it is celebrated or to get to know the cultural facts about it. We got gifts for them and a painting above I made it for his wife. we wrapped all the gifts along with the painting frame.

When we reached there, his extended family was also there, we had so much fun, the food was delicious. It was really nice to be a part of thanksgiving dinner that day.