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Hello 🙋🏻‍♀️  and welcome to my new followers and friends. Do you know that I am teaching art on Skillshare.

It’s an online platform to learn various skills. You can use this link for 14 days of premium membership subscription for free. ( PS: you can unsubscribe before your free 14 days trial gets over, so that way you won’t get charged)

In this Easy Watercolor Bookmarks 🔖 class I have covered below topics in detailed 

  • How to paint Leaves
  • How to Paint Roses
  • How to make beautiful compositions of roses and leaves + a bonus video too!

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Get free access until Aug 6


Well this time I have decided to giveaway my class “Watercolor Cardinal Illustration” for free. It’s a premium class which I converted into free for limited time. Students with a Free Access Link can watch this class for free without a Skillshare Premium Membership.
It will be valid until August 6, 2020. Also there will be only 5 links, meaning only 5 students can access the free class.

I will be posting this for my Instagram followers as well. If you’re really interested in taking this class; You can DM me on Instagram or write here on contact page. . I will share the link with you.

Added new page on website

Added a separate page on the website just for Skillshare Classes. (Click here)
📣 Get 2 Free Months Skillshare Premium Membership.

Use any of these links and you will get access to watercolor painting tutorials along with 1000s of other premium classes for 2 months. You can unsubscribe anytime before or in-between 2 months, this way you won’t get charged!

This pandemic is making people crazy, use your time to make some art, learn coding, do gardening, learn new things which you had plan for years. I am sure it will definitely help you to feel better. You will get any topic you’re looking for on skillshare. Just dig in.

Oh yes! I should mention this – if you can’t register and still want to take any of my classes, just write me here and I will give you a particular limited access link.
Hurry Up!

Feel free to give your feedback or suggestions! Thank you!

Learn Watercolor Lavender on Skillshare


Yay 😁 so happy announce that my seventh Skillshare class is live now.

Welcome to the series of 15 minutes watercolor paintings. 

In this class I will teach you step by step how to paint lavenders and bee in loose watercolor. This class has explained very basic steps to follow and you can create a beautiful painting out of it.

Use this link and you will get 2 Free Months Skillshare Premium Membership along with all other premium classes for 2 months.

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Cedar Waxwing🤎💛🖤

I always wonder about nature’s creation and this beautiful Cedar waxwing Is no exception. Isn’t it?

I am feeling so happy that I am painting every single day these days. I guess happy is not the the right word I should say satisfied! When I finish painting every day I feel like achieved something, meaning I haven’t wasted the day.  Watching all the negative news makes me sad, so better spend time making art while quarantined. I have also started recording time lapse process videos of bird painting, which I can’t post here, so you may need to hop on to my Instagram page.

Anyways, hope you are spending your quarantine time wisely.

📣New Skillshare Class is Published🎨🍉


I am so happy to announce that my fourth Skillshare class is live now. I was working on it for ling time and that’s the was reason I was not able to paint birds. Now it’s live, so I will be getting back to January Bird Paining challenge.

You can watch my class here. If you are new to Skillshare then use this link to get FREE 2 Months of Premium Subscription. Which will provide you an access to thousands of other classes too.

In this class I will be sharing with you

  • How draw watermelon slices
  • How to paint watermelon slices
  • How to paint leaves
  • How to make different layouts for final artwork

Don’t forget to visit this class and leave a feedback.

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How to paint bird of paradise🎨


Hello to all My WP friends and new followers 🙋🏻‍♀️ we had a great time on Christmas evening with friends over here. Hope you too had a blessed Merry Christmas 🎄

If you’re looking for a small project on this holiday season to work on then, I do have another class on Skillshare, its  How to paint bird of paradise in watercolor. You can see it here.  At the end of a class you will have an artwork ready to hang on your wall or to give it as a gift 💝

For those who aren’t aware of Skillshare, Skillshare is an online learning community for people who want to learn from educational videos. The courses, which are not accredited, are available through subscription. The majority of courses focus on interaction rather than lecturing, with the primary goal of learning by completing a project.

You can use this link to get 2 months of free premium membership subscription.

I’m working on my new Skillshare class which will be live in new year, stay tuned for more updates.

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Everyone around here is in holiday mood, so do I. Yesterday I watched “The Christmas Chronicles” movie. I have watched couple more in the past week. I love watching Christmas movies; Santa and his miracles.

Growing up in India, in our house; we celebrated and still do celebrate a Festival of Lights Diwali 🪔 but at the same time I was always curious about Christmas. We do have a public holiday there on 25. These days most of the offices do a secret Santa 🎅, in gift exchange I got a beautiful red color necklace last year. Some offices do put tree up, people do decorate their cubicles. HR arranges games and activities along with snacks. It’s fun.
There are some streets in my hometown where shops and malls do eye catching decorations. There are some bakeries who are famous for their Christmas fruit cake and cookies. When we were in college we used to visit those streets on Christmas Eve.
On the other hand I so enjoy this holiday season in States. We do have put lights on in our patio here. When we go out in the evening I so love watching other people’s lights and decorations through my car window. Sometimes I think that I just need to take a walk to see those colorful blinking lights. 

Anyway coming back to movies, that I belief that impossible things can happen, has served me well. I do still believe that miracles can happen. I believe that there is more to life than what I can see and touch. Do you believe in miracles?


If you want to make a handmade holiday card or gift tags, I do have a class. Below link will take to the class and also gives you FREE TWO MONTHS PREMIUM subscription for all Skillshare classes.

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Holiday card


As you know that I have been away from my blog and also from making new art for a while, so I decided to start with this cardinal to get along with birds painting. Its just kind of warm up painting to loosen my hand over watercolor art.

I wanted to make it real loose in style but I guess I will need more warm up exercises for that. I am still happy how it turned out. It could make a nice Holiday card.

Hope you are preparing for Christmas, if you want to make a watercolor holiday card then here is my Skillshare class which you can refer to cite your own cards. Also I have another Skillshare class on How to make watercolor gift tags/bookmarks.

Below link will take to the class and also gives you FREE TWO MONTHS PREMIUM subscription for all Skillshare classes.