Wallpaper Monday!


I offer a free wallpaper on every Monday on my Instagram account @artbysnehal If you want a free wallpaper like this, just hop on to my art account and check my story. 

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This is how the recent wallpaper looks like.

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🍁 Wallpaper Monday! 🍁


Hi there 🙋🏻‍♀️ Hope you all are doing well. I’ve been very busy these days, that doest mean I’m not making art, it’s just I was posting it regularly on Instagram.

By the way Wallpaper Monday is back on my Instagram, its your chance to get a free watercolor wallpaper for your mobile. If you want a beautiful maple 🍁 🍂 wallpaper then just hop on here. 

Oh yes and I have also posted a time lapse video of this leaf painting. You can see it here.

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Because it’s Monday #31:Pumpkin Pumpkin


It’s a pumpkin season, I can see pumpkin all around! And I haven’t painted one for this season. There you go! On this Monday I bought these pumpkins for you.

My friend Laura captured a wonderful photograph of pumpkins, which inspired me to paint them. I always enjoy her nature photography. Thank so much Laura for allowing me to use your photograph.

In the above painting I wanted to highlight the front pumpkin so remaining two are not so realistic. In the background I tried to show few pumpkins in suggestive form, I know it’s hard to recognize 😉 😀  The same way I added leafs at the bottom in suggestive forms.

Have a great Monday!

Fall Colors



Last weekend one more time we went to visit Rocky Mountain National Park. It was so freezing cold out there. Due to snow fall that morning roads to peak of the mountain were closed. So we couldn’t went to Trail Ridge Road, but it was fun. We enjoyed scenic views with fantastic fall colors.

Here I tried few of them on my recently bought new watercolor book which I told you about. Hope you will enjoy these fall colors.

Fall Colors 2015

imageOn this weekend we have been to Duluth MN to see fall colors. On our way to Lutsen mountain we went to spirit mountain, there we had crazy Alpine rollercoaster ride swoop, twist and turn around tress. You can see all those fabulous fall colors and view of Lake Superior while having your ride. It was just awesome experience. We’d a blast 😁(Click the link to see video on my Instagram)image
imageGondola ride to Lutsen mountain was amazing. Trees were looking so colorful, green, yellow, red, orange. Natural beauty was incredible!



on our way back we stopped at temperance river. Sunset was just beautiful, those sky colors temp me for painting, stay tuned for more paintings from this post 🙂

Hello Pumpkin Pumpkin!



I know I am totally ignoring my blog after I finished 30 days painting challenge. I was little busy with few things but Now I am back 🙂

It’s October and I can see pumpkins everywhere! Here are my pumpkins! I guess this is my first try at negative painting in watercolor. It was little difficult to work on background, I decided to highlight only few leaves and rest I have painted as a suggestive forms.

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