Practice #2


Its a day 2 with my new tool – Wacom. I have used clip Studio paint software for this illustration.

It’s absolutely new to me so I’m spending my time on exploration of tool.

Hope to achieve desired results soon.


Pink Purple Flowers

I painted these flowers over this weekend. Enjoyed painting these loose flowers. I directly started with paint and skipped pencil drawing stage. I have shared the process video clips on my Instagram @artbysnehal. You can see them here.

Material used – Bee Paper and Mission Gold Colors.

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Bye bye 2017- Hello 2018

There were so many ups downs in this year. 2017 made significant change into my life on personal front. I lost my two near and dear family members. We had enough unexpected surprises. Bye bye 2017.

Hope 2018 will be a fresh start. May this year bring all the colors and fun in life-like these beautiful flowers in the painting. I hope may you too have a warm, happy and prosperous New Year ahead of you. Happy New Year friends 😀 Cheers 🥂


Bird on pine branch

After painting back to back flowers my #Instagram followers asked me a video for bird painting. Here the Instagram link of bird painting video in steps.

I first video you can see I applied a basic colors and few dark values to emphasize the shapes.

In second video I started with tail and beak along with more darker values.

In the third one I have worked on branch and leaves.

Material used : Fluid watercolor paper , cold press 140 lb, white nights colors and Ralphael brush

Thank you Wendy Sinclair for this beautiful click. You can follow her Facebook group for inspiration photos.

I hope this helps and encourage you to paint it as well. If you did try it out don’t forget to use #inspiredbyartbysnehal so that I can see it too !

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Yeah it seems like, I really enjoy painting magnolias. This is the fourth one. You can see earlier here.  This one I started with pencil drawing then added light, mid and dark layers. You can see the progress photos below.

This beautiful magnolias are inspired by the photo of Wendy Sinclair. Thanks Wendy for such a great reference photo.

I’m pretty much happy with the results. I think it’s my recent favorite. I’ll frame this one too. What about you? Did you enjoy looking at this one?  Happy Monday! Hope you have a wonderful week ahead.


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Little Chewie


I came across George Good‘s photo reference of cute doggie named Chewie and thought I should give it a try to paint him. As you know I hardly painted dogs before. I tried my best to give justice to Chewie. 
Watercolor on 140 lb cold press! I started with basic pencil drawing and then started first layer of colors and added mid values then lastly added dark tones. As you can see I had a trouble with his left eye 😉 I was not sure about adding any background to him but let’s see I might add it later. For now it’s done 🙂  🙂 
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Hello Pumpkin Pumpkin!



I know I am totally ignoring my blog after I finished 30 days painting challenge. I was little busy with few things but Now I am back 🙂

It’s October and I can see pumpkins everywhere! Here are my pumpkins! I guess this is my first try at negative painting in watercolor. It was little difficult to work on background, I decided to highlight only few leaves and rest I have painted as a suggestive forms.

Thank you for visiting, your suggestions are welcome.