Zoro! The Pit Bull.


As promised this is my second watercolor dog painting, first was Alice, you can see her in archives.

Zoro is is my second pet after Alice but both were very diffrent in behavior as Alice was very quite and lovely by nature.  Zoro is very aggressive, you can’t even go and touch or talk to him. He won’t entertain you as a strenger. Except our family members No one is allowed to pass by our compound.

Sometimes I call him “ZoruMoru” he doesn’t like it, he starts barking 😀 But he is very loyal to our family members.

In this painting I learnt how to use papers white space for light part and I used Persian blue for his white hair. I worked in layers, first I applied light colors and the added dark tone-shadows.  But overall the experience was interesting as the subject was my favorite 🙂

thank you for reading!

Alice “White Boxer”

Really, Alice was such a sweet girl, she was my first pet. She was Boxer . She was a bit shy at first but her face speaks volumes! The perfect scary expressions. She was around 11 years old when she passed away.


I love dogs and the great thing about them is they give you back the same. Their love is unconditional, they are always extremely loyal bond closely to owners 🙂

This was my very first attempt at animal in water color. Noses are quite funny to draw! This one looks like incomplete but I’ll come up with a second one with more improvements.