New iPad Air 2020 🤩

This year Diwali 🪔 came a week early! 🎁
New #ipadair2020 is simply amazing 🤩 my first attempt on iPad with Apple Pencil ✏️ it’s fantastic 🥳

Created a festive mobile wallpaper specifically for Diwali 🪔 Check my Instagram @artbysnehal for more details!

It’s been ages I posted something new on social media. It’s been super busy and stressful last couple of months. I tried make some art in between which I posted in Instagram.

Hope you’re doing well. Stay safe and healthy !

Practice #6 Eagle 🦅


Another try at bird painting on Wacom. I am not getting expected results for digital painting, feels like little demotivated. Yet will try another one or two and then probably get back to traditional watercolor painting for next few days.


Thank you for following,  you can see my art on Instagram @artbysnehal I am also teaching art on Skillshare, you can take free art lessons for 2 months, click here.

🎉Happy Fifth Blogversary🎉


Wow 5 years! In all these years I have made so many fellow artist friends here on WordPress, some of them have became very good friends of mine that we are connected on Facebook too.

I am blessed with such a wonderful group of people here, last year there was a time that I wasn’t able to publish any art for months, some of my dear friends made an effort to message me personally on Facebook asking if all is well. Isn’t it nice!

I can’t be more thankful for all the encouraging comments and likes for my artwork.

Thank you for following my art journey, you can also see my art on Instagram @artbysnehal I am also teaching art on Skillshare, you can take free art lessons for 2 months, click here.

Thank you for stopping by.

Practice #2


Its a day 2 with my new tool – Wacom. I have used clip Studio paint software for this illustration.

It’s absolutely new to me so I’m spending my time on exploration of tool.

Hope to achieve desired results soon.


valentine’s day gift 💝



New (Digital) phase in my art journey. My husband gifted me new Wacom Cintiq 16. I always used to think like Digital painting is not my cup of tea. He encouraged me to start with Digital art.  Initially I was very nervous when I first tried my hands on this sketch but then I got comfortable.

I was hesitant about Digital art but after trying my hands on it, I got convinced with the N number of possibilities. It’s More Efficient. Easier to get started and work quickly, you have the undo button which saves time. You can explore more in less time. Unlimited experimental possibilities. And many more. of course it has its own pros and cons.

That doesn’t mean that I won’t be doing traditional hand work. It makes me feel happy.

I started with Cardinal drawing. Now I have decided to try a bird per day. Definitely it will take some time to explore this new tool but my goal is to find out my own illustration style.

What do you think about traditional art and Digital art?

Tiny Me

Today I have something different from watercolors, but it’s little interesting so thought of sharing with you.

I have wanted to do self-portrait illustration since long time. I took a Skillshare class of my favorite illustrator Ryan Putnam – Thanks Ryan for the class.

I always used pen tool for illustrations but in this case it was way faster and easier to use the line tool. My face is little oval and my dimples show when I smile. I emphasized these features in my avatar! It was fun trying variations almost in every single part right from eyes to hairstyle. I have used Sketch App for this illustration.

Below are the couple of iterations I went through.


These are the two semi finals I arrived at after hundreds of iterations 😆 lol


Finally I ended up with this one 😀

selfie-2 B2

If you want to see more of my design work you can visit my portfolio here.

Actually I wanted to ask you guys, If you don’t mind can you please tell me How and Where do you sell your art online? I know few websites like ETSY but they support only limited countries like US, UK, Canada and few more. I’ve a plan of selling my watercolor prints, so just wanted to know more about it.

If you want you can email me on or you can just visit my contact page here.

Thank you so much for reading the long post. 🙂