This is the first time I have painted magpie. We often see them in neighborhood parks or even on street side. This birdie was on my painting list for longtime, finally got a chance to paint him. He is quite rich in features but I couldn’t get it in my painting though.
May be in next attempt! Anyways I have uploaded time lapse process video of this painting on Instagram in case if you want to see me painting.

Thank you for stopping by.

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Hello there! It’s been almost a year, I was away from my blog. I have been so busy with life in India. That being said I moved back to States two weeks back. And this gives me enough time to pursue art.

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I have started with making new artwork and hope I will share it on my blog and Instagram as well.

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Day29: #WorldWatercolorMonth – Sun conure


Well as I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I’m already done with all #rainbowbirds and there will be 3 more days to go for this #worldwatercolormonth so I have decided to paint vibrantly colored parrot for next 3 days. I guess they will be covering all rainbow colors. 🌈 What do you think?

Stylish Pheasant – 63/100


Don’t you think he posed in a stylish way 😀 I really enjoyed painting this handsome guy. You can see my painting process videos on my Instagram ART account here. I painted this guy in layers first added lighter colors then mid tones and dark values at the end. You can see first two layers video clips on IG. Here is my first ever painted Pheasant.

Oh by the way today we visited Denver Art Museum. It was beyond amazing. We could see only 2-3 floors out of 6, but we decided to visit one more time to cover remaining levels. I got so inspired by the art display over there and decided to make few artwork in a series. I’ll definitely plan for it after this  #100days project.

Hope you had a great Saturday too! Thank you for visiting.

Because it’s Monday #37: Summer Memories


This summer we visited to Denver Zoo and while roaming in the zoo we came across this wonderful composition. My husband clicked a photograph for me. I wanted to paint this one for long time, finally last week I started painting and now it’s done.

I must say it took me a while to finish this one. First I stared with pencil drawing. Then masked the bicycle and flowers so that I could paint background. After that I moved to paint basket, flowers and rest of the bicycle. The important part was shadow, It adds separation from the background.

You can see the progress photos below. Hope you like it. Happy Monday and have a great week ahead. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

Because it’s Monday #15: Road trip from MN to CO 🚘🌲🌼

My new plant in patio! watercolor on 140 lb. CP with WN colors

Hello All 🙋🏻 after a long break, Finally I’m back!

We did a road trip from Minneapolis to Denver. Our drive was very scenic. We both really enjoyed the greenery and natural beauty all the way to Colorado.

We came via South Dakota, so we decided to visit Mount Rushmore. It was like Dream come true! After that we started for Badlands National Park, we reached there in the evening around sunset. It was so beautiful. Skies were with full of colors. Gorgeous scenery with breathtaking views.

By the end of the day we reached in Colorado, as we entering into Colorado skies became too dark suddenly heavy rain started with lighting and hells. It’s like we were not able to see the next car with 80 MPH speed. We’re like Thanks for such a nice Welcome ! 😀 But within 15 minutes skies became clear and we reached safely 🙂

Last 3 weeks were very busy and hectic. Moving to different place is always hard. Friends, neighbors, surrounds everything. Life in MN was really good. I’m going to miss MN badly as it is said “change is spice of life” hope so CO brings more happiness and growth into life!

Have a nice day and hope all is well at your end too  🙂