#day6 – Hummingbird and flowers #4

Finally it’s done! It took a while to get it done.
I have used arches 140 lb cold press 100% cotton paper, Mijello mission gold colors and my all time favorite raphael and silver brushes for this painting.

I am still editing/working on my next skillshare class, it allows me very less time for painting birds. Well and another thing I forgot to share is that I am also doing 30 days challenge for paper 53. It’s an iPad app where you have to create daily illustration as per the prompt. I haven’t shared those illustrations on social media yet but I am planning to make a post or two.

oh! have I mentioned that this year I have started keeping daily planner. I will write a post about it soon.

Hope you liked this painting. Thank you for visiting.

#Day6 Sunflowers

imageHere are my Sunflowers for #day6!

I was not sure about background colors, I just added blue to create contrast. There is no specific thought about using blue color! If I get any suggestions over the same, then that would be really great.

Thank you.

Day6! Window


Tuscany Window was today’s challenge.

After pencil drawing I have started with background with wet on wet technique, i don’t wanted everything in yellow occur and gray so I added little blue and then bricks and cracks texture. Flowers are also done with wet on wet.

Thank you for visiting.