Robin – 9/100


Hope you had a great weekend! It’s little Robin here to greet you on Monday!

It’s been long time I haven’t used my White Nights watercolors so thought let’s give a break to Mission Gold colors and use this for next couple of illustrations. So this Robin illustration is on 140 lb cp watercolor paper with white nights colors.

This cute bird is inspired by a photo of Russ Bridges form “Photos for Artis” community. Thank you Russ Bridge.

Thank you for stopping by!

❄️Bye bye 2016❄️


Since long time I wanted to paint cherries covered with snow, I was looking for reference photo on Photos for artist community on facebook but I couldn’t find appropriate one. So I just wrote a post saying looking for such kind of photo and guess what an artist friend Cindy Frendt clicked a photo for me!  Thank you Cindy for your efforts.

I started this painting with pencil drawing then masked the snow part and cherries so I could paint background. After painting background I immediately sprinkled salt for that sparkle effect. Then moved to cherries and snow. You can see cherry painting video clip on my instagram. 

2016 was a year of ups and downs but much better than 2015! Hope 2017 will be better than that! Freeze all your painful memories of 2016 forever and stay warm for 2017.

In 2017 I’m gonna do 100 days project of watercolor painting. It will include 50 birds and 50 flowers 🐧🌸 or + – LoL 😀 Stay connected for more artwork.

All set to welcome 2017. Bye bye 2016!