Mini Cactuses 🌵

I have been painting these mini cactuses last couple of days to give it to my office colleagues, and here are all of them together. They liked it so much and now all are up on respective desks.

It was fun painting these mini cactuses. If you wish to see work in progress videos then just hop over to my instagram @artbysnehal  

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Mini Cactus 🌵

Its been while I picked up brush and painted, over the weekend I took some time out and painted this mini cactus. I’m planning to paint couple more to give it to my office friends for their desk decoration.

If you want to see a time-lapse video of this one, just hop on to my Instagram.

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Cactus 🌵 – 1

I have been stumbling upon the topic for my next watercolor painting series, then decided to go with majority voters. Please check my IG story for more details. So here is the simple cactus for day 1! I will posting a video tutorial of this painting on my instagram tomorrow.

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How to paint Cactus 🌵

watercolor cactus

Nowadays I’m feeling like painting in loose and wet on wet style. If you ask me – I would say I’m absolutelyenjoying it.
In this painting I wanted to focus only a particular part of cactus. So I tried to keep particular part in highlight and rest of the parts blended with background. This way it helps to differentiate foreground and background. Recently I have started recording a complete time-lapse videos of painting.
As I mentioned in earlier post, I’m not using any fancy tools or equipments to record the videos. But you can see the process easily. Here is a separate page on my blog, where you can get directed to particular video. I would love to hear your comments or suggestions on the same.



Here are a variety of mini succulents I painted today. I directly started with Micron pen and then added colors to them. It was fun painting these cute little succulents.

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