Bird on pine branch

After painting back to back flowers my #Instagram followers asked me a video for bird painting. Here the Instagram link of bird painting video in steps.

I first video you can see I applied a basic colors and few dark values to emphasize the shapes.

In second video I started with tail and beak along with more darker values.

In the third one I have worked on branch and leaves.

Material used : Fluid watercolor paper , cold press 140 lb, white nights colors and Ralphael brush

Thank you Wendy Sinclair for this beautiful click. You can follow her Facebook group for inspiration photos.

I hope this helps and encourage you to paint it as well. If you did try it out don’t forget to use #inspiredbyartbysnehal so that I can see it too !

Thank you for stopping by.

Superb Starling – 46/100


‘Superb Starling’ ohh yes it’s a name of this bird. I have never seen him but his beautiful color combinations made me paint him. 😀

So this one is also done on 140 ln Bee Watercolor Paper. I was planning to keep the background white but then it was looking so empty so added little context.

Thank you for stopping by.  Hope you had a great Valentines Day yesterday 😀

🎉Happy New Year 🎉- 1/100


Happy New Year and my 100 days project starts today! Yay! Here is my day 1 post of colorful peacock.  Very excited for next 99 days 😀

I have used Fluid 140 lb CP paper and mission gold colors. It’s my first time using Fluid for  illustrations. I found it really useful, good quality in less price. I would definitely recommend this for daily illustrations.

Hope all your days of 2017 are as colorful as this peacock.

Thank you for visiting. 🙂

❄️Bye bye 2016❄️


Since long time I wanted to paint cherries covered with snow, I was looking for reference photo on Photos for artist community on facebook but I couldn’t find appropriate one. So I just wrote a post saying looking for such kind of photo and guess what an artist friend Cindy Frendt clicked a photo for me!  Thank you Cindy for your efforts.

I started this painting with pencil drawing then masked the snow part and cherries so I could paint background. After painting background I immediately sprinkled salt for that sparkle effect. Then moved to cherries and snow. You can see cherry painting video clip on my instagram. 

2016 was a year of ups and downs but much better than 2015! Hope 2017 will be better than that! Freeze all your painful memories of 2016 forever and stay warm for 2017.

In 2017 I’m gonna do 100 days project of watercolor painting. It will include 50 birds and 50 flowers 🐧🌸 or + – LoL 😀 Stay connected for more artwork.

All set to welcome 2017. Bye bye 2016!

Because it’s Monday #35: Blue Parrot


After flamingo, turkey here is one more birdie “Blue Parrot”

I got this reference photo on It’s a free stock photo library. Check out their site they have some amazing photos.

For this one I’ve used Windsor & Newton colors and 140 lb Arches CP paper. I did a pencil drawing first then started adding colors in the layers.

We had fun on the long weekend, did lots of shopping on Black Friday. Few of our friends came to Denver from Minneapolis, over all we’d fun on the weekend. Hope you had a great one too.

Here is a Blue Parrot to greet you on Monday! Have nice Monday  😀


Bird day! Blue Jay!


Time flies so quickly, it’s 8th November, Laura’s bird day! He’s new member recently started visiting my patio. I thought let’s paint him for this months bird day!
I really like his style he enter like King! If other birds like chickadees, finches and sparrows are eating at bird feeder he hardly cares and when he enter he make some noise and he is an expert in driving other birds away from food source. I observed one thing about him is he store almost 8 to 10 seeds in his mouth and the take off. Interesting !

thank you for visiting 🙂

Bing WallPaper


I have windows phone and I use Bing Wallpapers as a lock screen. I really love Bing photographs, everyday there is something interesting and if there is something awesome which I can paint, I take screenshot.

This painting was a last week Bing wallpaper. I liked the overall composition. I have few more screenshots which I wanted to paint will come up with one by one soon.