Day #5 /100 Blue Jay 💙


I have decided to dedicate one hour to bird painting for this 100 days project. But every day I end up spending more than an hour. This blue jay took me more than 2 hours but I guess at end it was worth it.

What do you say?


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Bird day! Blue Jay!


Time flies so quickly, it’s 8th November, Laura’s bird day! He’s new member recently started visiting my patio. I thought let’s paint him for this months bird day!
I really like his style he enter like King! If other birds like chickadees, finches and sparrows are eating at bird feeder he hardly cares and when he enter he make some noise and he is an expert in driving other birds away from food source. I observed one thing about him is he store almost 8 to 10 seeds in his mouth and the take off. Interesting !

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