ETSY shop is Open now!

Yay! My ETSY shop is OPEN now!

I have listed few of my paintings from 100 days of birds painting. All are the original pieces of handmade paintings.

These paintings would make a perfect gift for a bird lover on any occasion like House warming, Anniversaries, Birthdays. Also these cute birds will look good as Office Decor, Study Room or Kids room Decor.

Thank you for stopping by, do visit my shop.

Stay safe and healthy.

#toetherwithart – rainbow 🌈


I will be participating  in Canson North America the #togetherwithart challenge whenever possible – a daily art challenge from now through April 23.⁠⠀

Here is a heart full of rainbow 🌈 birds for todays prompt.

► Each day you’ll be given a prompt. Create art related to that prompt in any medium (swipe to see prompt list).⁠⠀
► Each piece should also incorporate a heart into it.⁠⠀
The heart in each piece is symbolic of solidarity and hope during this difficult time. It can represent support you want to show to loved ones, healthcare workers, those dealing with stress and anxiety, or anything else personal to you. You can share in your caption what the heart means to you, or keep it to yourself and know the symbol has meaning. ⁠⠀

You can read more about it on their Instagram page @cansonpaper_nothamerica.

#day9 – Gold finches #2


Yay I could finish it today. It was quite difficult to make a layout of these 3 finches over branches. Initially while sketching I could not figure out how to arrange them on a branch. I still feel like it would have been better in arrangement but there is always a next time/ attempt.

I adore these bright little finches, they used to visit my patio when I was in Minneapolis four years ago. I don’t see any finches in Colorado though. I love listening to their chirping.

What’s your favorite bird?


Bye bye 2019👋🏼 Hello 2020!


Well this is the last post of 2019, thank you so much for all your encouraging comments and likes for my artwork. Though I was away from my blog almost half of the year because of some issues but trust me I have big plans for 2020!

2019 was not great for me personally but professionally it was quite good. That being said I am all set to welcome new year. I am looking forward to achieving my goals and smiling as much as a I can.

To continue the tradition this year also I have created a desk calendar, this year it’s available for digital downloads. Now you can download this bird calendar  from Etsy shop and take a print out from your local printer. This could be a perfect new year gift for your friends, relatives or colleagues. It is on discounted price for next couple of weeks.

Stay tuned for new artworks. Thank you for visiting.

#late post-Thanksgiving Dinner

As I mentioned in my last post that recently I moved back to States and that too just a week before Thanksgiving. Its so nice to be back in States, that being said I enjoyed a year and half in India too. But being here in States that too during holiday season is something I enjoy a lot.

This time my husband Swanand’s colleague from office invited us to Thanksgiving dinner. We were very excited for the evening, as that was our first Thanksgiving dinner with a local family over here. I was very interested knowing how it is celebrated or to get to know the cultural facts about it. We got gifts for them and a painting above I made it for his wife. we wrapped all the gifts along with the painting frame.

When we reached there, his extended family was also there, we had so much fun, the food was delicious. It was really nice to be a part of thanksgiving dinner that day.

Toucan – 24/100

day-24Here I have Toucan close up for today! I have used Sakura koi watercolors for this one.

I started my watercolor journey with Koi watercolors then I bought Winsor & Newton, Miss Gold and White Nights. Over the time I stopped using koi colors but yesterday I used them again and I still like to play with them. 😀

Thank you for visiting.

A Stonechat- 23/100


Today I have A Stonechat for you. I never seen this bird but came across a wonderful photo of Phil Jenkins-from a Photos for Artist community. Thank you Phil!

A Stonechat on 140 lb cold press paper with White Nights colors.

Have a good day and great week ahead.

Tufted Titmouse – 21/100


I was talking to myself – ohh I have to paint bird today not flowers! Was thinking what bird should I paint and then I realised I can visit to Kathy’s backyard there I can get plenty of choices 💜  This cute Tufted Titmouse from her recent post caught my eye. I painted him for today ! Thank you so much Kathy for all your incredible photos and allowing us to paint them. 

Thank you for stopping by! Have a great weekend!

Orange Breasted Sunbird – 10/100


It’s a colorful Tuesday! Wow it’s already day 10! I’m painting birds in a row for last 10 days, so I’ll be thinking of doing flowers for next 10 days just for a change!  It’s something like 10 days birds then next 10 days flowers again birds… I should not get bored with my own resolution right 😉  Kidding  😀 😀

Any ways talking about this illustration. Do you remember yesterday I said I’ve started using White nights colors! switching color brands in painting has always been little difficult for me. As you are familiar with the tone,tints and shades of those particular color. So you know well that what color/color combination you should use for particular result you are looking for. What happened here is I thought I don’t have an appropriate shade of Turquoise for neck part of bird. I used the other color at end I had a detailed look at my palette and realised oh God I already have that color!!! Brrrh! But somehow I manged to get the desired result!.

This Orange Breasted Sunbird is inspired from a photo of Marna Buys‎. Thanks you.