A movie scene

We had a painting contest in the office “Story on Canvas”, theme was artwork should be inspired by any famous book/ movie/ character or Series. That being said how can i miss an opportunity to paint anything inspired by Studio Ghibli movies right? So tried my hands on this Dawn scene from ‘only yesterday’

This painting is a scene from a one of the very famous movie of Studio Ghibli. 

“Only Yesterday”, directed by Isao Takahata. Movie follows a 27-year-old woman called Taeko across two different timelines, Taeko being a child and her younger-self.

Upon feeling intense wanderlust, she takes a long holiday to visit some distant family members in the countryside to help with their safflower harvest. This particular scene is a one view of safflower field.

During her trip, Taeko recalls various childhood memories of family dysfunction, puberty and first crushes. Her time in the countryside is a transformative experience that connects her to her younger self, leaving her to wonder if she has built a life her childhood self would be proud of.

Only Yesterday couldn’t be more appropriately named.

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A movie scene

Started on this piece over the last weekend, forgot to share. This scene is from one of the famous animated movie. Hope it will be recognisable once i make some more progress.

This piece will be a part of my office competition “Story on Canvas” the theme was it should be based on any movie or book. So I choose a particular movie (which I reveal soon 😀 😉 )

By the way I am not at all used to paint land scape, will see how this one will turn out.

Till time stay safe and healthy.

Yay! I’ve been doodledwashed


Friends just wanted to take a moment to thank my friend Charlie, who has featured my work on his blog doodlewash.com

I would like to thank him to connecting me with other artists, you know watching other artists work is always inspiring. Charlie does connect artist to artist. He has a his special skills of quick sketching. He does awesome sketch in few minutes. I really love his artwork and the way he describes the story. I am a big fan of his sky painting 🙂 He is a great inspiration. If you want to get featured or need any art inspiration checkout his lovely blog.

Feeling awesome to ba a part of the #doodlewash family!

Day19! Flowers and sky


Another practice in loose watercolor! This time I dare to paint sky and accidentally it’s really looking like sky 😉 😆  Quite happy with the result.

I started with light blue wash and then picked up some blue color and kept some paper white in the form of clouds. Then flowers and leafs.

I think I need more tips and tricks on how to paint sky by my fellow blogger friends, specially from sky expert Charlie and Rachel ! 🙂

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Day16! Red Flowers


today I tried this flowers in loose watercolor style, and I am pretty happy with the result! 🙂 i like loose watercolor style and gradually I am practicing it. I have added the same colors to background to create some rhythm.

One thing I have learnt is you don’t need to do everything in detail, suggestive forms are enough with proper light and shadows!

thank you for visiting! Stay tuned for more flowers 🙂