Bye bye for now 🙋🏻


Okay! Finally the time has come and we have decided to move to our home country India 🇮🇳 for good. Last few weeks were so busy, so much going on at a time. Packing, gift shopping and all.. what not! Now we are all set to go back. 
I’m full of mixed emotions. I know I’m going to miss so many things badly but this how life is, you have to keep moving and keep improving. But glad and excited at the same time as I’ll be meeting my family and friends almost after 3 years. Routine will change soon, new job new responsibilities. We bought a new apartment there, so I have to decorate that as well. 
Okay let me tell you one more things, as I mentioned above I haven’t met my family in long time. So everyone out there is asking us when are you coming? when are you coming? 😀  We – me and my husband haven’t informed our families about our move. We are planning to give them a surprise. I’m sure they will be thrill to see us. Super excited to see everyone’s reaction 🤣 
Considering all this I’ve decided to take a short break from my blog. I promise I’ll be back soon, once things settle down. Will let you about the journey and all. 😀  I might post few quick doodle on my Instagram. We can catch up there. 
About Painting: I started this Pink Water Lily In The Pond painting long time back, I could finish it last week. You might have seen some work in progress photos on my IG. Here is a completed version. I’ve used White Nights Colors for this one.
Below are some progress photographs. 


Thank you for visiting 🙂 🙂  I’ll be back soon, until then bye bye 🙋🏻

Lilies – 37/100


Lilies on Fluid 140 lb cold press watercolor paper block with Mijello Mission Gold colors.

These beautiful lilies are inspired by a photo of Wendy Sinclair from “photos for Artist”. Thanks Wendy for this beautiful photo reference.

Thank you for visiting 🙂

Water Lily


I have used Strathmore watercolor paper, cold press, 140lb and Sakura koi colors.

I recently bought a set aquash brushes so I tried few of them for lily and lily pad. Background I have done with round brushes.

I started with pencil drawing and then I covered the window with masking tape so background wash color won’t go outside and lily-lily pad with masking fluid. Then I started coloring respectively.

It was little trouble with background but some how I call it finished 🙂 Would love to hear suggestions from you.

Day22! Lilies


Red-Oranage lilies! One more “Try” in loose watercolor!

In this painting I have focused on flowers. Stems, leaves and background done as a suggestive forms. I thought I was overpaitned on flowers but finally I stopped and It’s done!