Glimps of 30 days challenge


As I mentioned earlier this was my first time of accepting 30 days challenge! I learnt one thing in last 30 days that you need dedication to complete the day to day challenge. There was a situation may be twice or thrice I was damn busy with other things so I hardly found time to paint, I tried that at least I could paint a small thing, I wonder how people do for 90 days, 365 days! Hats off to them! you can see all 30 painting under one page.

Would like to thanks Leslie Saeta for organizing this challenge! I tried various topics in this 30 days, off course all paintings are not a master piece but now in future I can confidently paint any above topic. As said the purpose of participating this challenge was to learnt various watercolor techniques and I learnt few, one of them is loose style. I refer few you tube tutorials which were really helpful.

Watching other artist’s work is always inspiring!  I would like to thanks to all my fellow watercolor artist friends and followers for motivating me by your encouraging comments on my posts. Over all it was a nice experience.

Thank you for visiting, stay tuned for upcoming paintings 🙂

Day10! Flying bird


This is my very first attempt at flying bird in watercolor. I was little scared while choosing it for today’s challenge then though let’s give it a try and so I did!

And it’s Cardinal again 😀 I used Persian blue to dark patches and added few suggestive stroke for wings. I know backgrounds is messed up, I should have done it in wet on wet style but I realize it later on, till the time I was already done with bird(foreground). Wanted to give hay effect. To avoid over painting I used sky blue color for bg and finished this painting.

30 paintings in 30 days! Day 1!

Flamingo Closeup in watercolor
Flamingo Closeup in watercolor

challenge started from today, this is my very first time to participate in this.. And I am early waking to see the progress in my artwork.

On a day one, I chose Flamingo Close up, as one of my Bolger friend requested to see this, so this one is for her 🙂

I tried to keep it simple and fresh by just putting colors and adding little outline, though I guess feather part is little messy. Your suggestions are welcome.

You can see other participating artist’s work here.