Day #58/100 – Tanager💚

Here is a little red necked tanager for today. I have painted variety of green birds in this 100 day’s challenge till now. I have posted it on my Instagram story today, you can vote for your favorite one here.

Today is my mom’s birthday. Wish you a very happy birthday mom. On these days we don’t see each other, we hardly talk on phone as we are in different countries for now. Life did changed, Mother daughter relationship got better and stronger as the years passed. It’s not just With me but with my two younger siblings too. One thing I realized in past couple of years that No matter what Your parents will always have your back.
Thank you for the wonderful life you have given us. Thank you for all the life lessons you taught us. Happy Birthday and May God bless you with lots of happiness and health!

Day #2 /100 – Sparrow and Dalgona


I have this little chubby sparrow for today. It’s been a while I used white night colors, I have used them today for painting this little birdie. Also it’s Draw A Bird Day today, so this is my entry for DABD.

I usually don’t post personal photos but On the other hand on the note of quarantine life, while everyone around the world is posting about “Dalgona” coffee photos, here is ours. We tried it today for fun 😀


#day9 – Gold finches #2


Yay I could finish it today. It was quite difficult to make a layout of these 3 finches over branches. Initially while sketching I could not figure out how to arrange them on a branch. I still feel like it would have been better in arrangement but there is always a next time/ attempt.

I adore these bright little finches, they used to visit my patio when I was in Minneapolis four years ago. I don’t see any finches in Colorado though. I love listening to their chirping.

What’s your favorite bird?


#day8 Gold finches #1

I started with these finches today. It took a while to arrange them on branches. Those  were 3 separate reference pictures from photos for artists group on Facebook.
I am using arches paper and mission gold colors.
I do have a time lapse video will share it soon on Instagram.

By the today I’d Draw A Bird Da, so this can be my this month’s entry for DABD!

Day28: #WorldWatercolorMonth – Purple Wren


Okay! This is the last #violet #rainbowbird of the series 💜 but wait that doesn’t mean this #rainbowbirds series is over, there are 3 more days to go for this #31days #painting#challenge so stay tuned for remaining 3 #birds 😀

Can you guess which color birds will be there? 🤔 let me know in the comments .
I have used @mijello_mission@cansonpaper_northamerica@silverbrushlimited .

Thank you for stopping by.

Bird Day – 67/100


It’s a Draw A Bird Day today. I started contributing to this Laura’s initiative of Draw A Bird Day almost year and half ago. Thanks so much Laura 🙂 On 8th of every month WP artist community celebrate it with bird art. You can read more about it here.

Cardinal is my all time favorite bird, this handsome bird painting is inspired by a photo of Laurie Snidow from ‘Photos for Artist’. Thank you Laurie 🙂

Thank you for visiting. Happy DABD!