Wallpaper Monday!


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This is how the recent wallpaper looks like.

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Galapagos Penguin 🐧

The Galápagos penguin is the only species found north of the equator and in the Galápagos. They are the smallest of the banded penguins, and apparently they have no subspecies. It can survive due to the cool temperatures resulting from the Humboldt Current and cool waters from great depths brought up by the Cromwell Current.

This is my entry for an art contest on Instagram, wonderful initiative to paint critically Endangered birds. I have posted two work in progress video clips of the same painting on Instagram. You can see them here.

Material used – Canson 140 lb cold press paper and Mijello Mission Gold colors.

Ohh! by the way I just remembered, I haven’t shared with my WordPress friends that from the beginning of New year, I started posting a Free Mobile Wallpaper on my Instagram story. You can get a free watercolor wallpaper painted by me on every alternative Monday. Just hop on to my Instagram art account @artbysnehal

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Because it’s Monday #39: Last Monday of the Year


Time flies so fast, today is a last Monday of the year. I started this “Because it’s Monday” series from last feb and today will be the last post of this series. Ohh Don’t worry I’ll be keep posting randomly. I had fun doing this series, I used to paint almost on every weekend. I hardly missed one or two Monday’s.

Ohh by the way this butterfly is from Kathy’s backyard. You must have visited Kathy’s backyard as most of my birds are from her backyard. Kathy thanks so much for your lovely photographs. Your photographs are a blessing for artist community on WP!

Hope you enjoyed my series. Seasons greetings 🎄🎉🎊

Because it’s Monday #38: Lady Cardinal


On weekend we had a winter storm, got lots of snow. So day after storm we couldn’t go outside, while staying warm at home I painted this lady cardinal. Few days back Icame across Kathy’s wonderful post in my reader and since then it was on my mind. Finally I painted this birdie. Her photographs always inspire me to paint. Thanks so much Kathy  🙂 🙂  I want to paint all of them will do one by one 😍

Hope you had a great weekend. Have a happy Monday 😀 Next Monday will be last Monday of the year, stay tuned.

Because it’s Monday #37: Summer Memories


This summer we visited to Denver Zoo and while roaming in the zoo we came across this wonderful composition. My husband clicked a photograph for me. I wanted to paint this one for long time, finally last week I started painting and now it’s done.

I must say it took me a while to finish this one. First I stared with pencil drawing. Then masked the bicycle and flowers so that I could paint background. After that I moved to paint basket, flowers and rest of the bicycle. The important part was shadow, It adds separation from the background.

You can see the progress photos below. Hope you like it. Happy Monday and have a great week ahead. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

Because it’s Monday #35: Blue Parrot


After flamingo, turkey here is one more birdie “Blue Parrot”

I got this reference photo on Unsplash.com. It’s a free stock photo library. Check out their site they have some amazing photos.

For this one I’ve used Windsor & Newton colors and 140 lb Arches CP paper. I did a pencil drawing first then started adding colors in the layers.

We had fun on the long weekend, did lots of shopping on Black Friday. Few of our friends came to Denver from Minneapolis, over all we’d fun on the weekend. Hope you had a great one too.

Here is a Blue Parrot to greet you on Monday! Have nice Monday  😀


Because it’s Monday #34: Flamingo


This what I was working on weekend. Days are getting shorter. Got enough time on week to paint this guy. It was fun doing this one.

I got this reference photo on Facebook community “photos for artist”. Thanks you Karen Broemmelsick for wonderful click.

I have used Arches 140 lb watercolor paper and Mission Gold Watercolors. This time I worked in layers, added dark values later in the painting process. You can see progress photo here.


Hope you had a great weekend. Have a nice Monday!  🙂  🙂

Because it’s Monday #33: Iris on the way to new home



Happy Monday Everyone 🙂

I painted this beautiful Iris for our family friends, they came from India to US for some work purpose and after that they fly here in Denver to visit us. They were here for weekend. We had great time with them. And I gifted them this painting and they loved it.

Thank you Richard William Haynes for such inspiring photo reference.

Here are few work in progress photograph of this painting.