Get free access until Aug 6


Well this time I have decided to giveaway my class “Watercolor Cardinal Illustration” for free. It’s a premium class which I converted into free for limited time. Students with a Free Access Link can watch this class for free without a Skillshare Premium Membership.
It will be valid until August 6, 2020. Also there will be only 5 links, meaning only 5 students can access the free class.

I will be posting this for my Instagram followers as well. If you’re really interested in taking this class; You can DM me on Instagram or write here on contact page. . I will share the link with you.

5 thoughts on “Get free access until Aug 6

  1. Hey, Snehal! I’ve added a message to your contact page. Just wondering if you received it… 🙂 thank you for this wonderful offer!

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    1. Hey sorry 😐 I saw the comments today and unfortunately I haven’t received it in my email. But don’t worry, I will creat the link again and share with you. Do you mind DM me on Instagram @artbysnehal

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      1. Sorry for the late reply! Unfortunately, I don’t have Instagram. I’m not sure why my messages don’t send through the contact page…

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