Day #84 /100 – Tiny bird


I have this tiny birds in progress for today. It’s my quarantined painting so I am using my travel kit these days. That being said it’s hard for me to achieve desired results with brush pen. Or may be it’s just my excuse that I am not using my regular art supplies 😉

so another update is our hotel quarantine is over today, and next 7 days we will be home quarantined. It feels so good when you come home after such a hectic journey and staying in hotel for a week with all your luggage. When we reached home, my mother in law cooked a delicious lunch / thali to welcome us. That was a bliss having homemade food after a while.

As I mentioned before, I am almost 10-15 days behind in this 100 days project, and it’s July the world watercolor month going on, I think I could participate in #worldwatercolormonth as well at the same time right!

Thank you for stopping by.

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