Day #81 /100 – Travel during pandemic (part II)


Okay, if you have read yesterday’s post this is the second part of it.
Finally we landed in Mumbai on Thursday July 9 after! First thing was they did temperature check, then it was mandatory to register on Aarogya Setu App for that you need Indian SIM card. So there was a separate stall in lobby who were selling it. It took an hour of time. After that Immigration, luggage collection and customs.

Then the real scenario came in picture.  the long long queue for next registration for quarantine places. It took almost 3 hours. Thankfully we had managed the “ePass” before landing to Mumbai so that was a great help.

Almost after 4-5 hours of trouble after landing we finally got out of airport, our car was already waiting for us. Then the next journey started from Mumbai to Kolhapur. It was raining in Mumbai when we started the journey. This journey was almost 8 hours long. We reached in Kolhapur around 11:30 at night. There were several check posts on highway. The “ePass” we had was just valid for one day until 12 o’clock. So that luckily we could manage in time. 

We directly went to hospital for testing, there they did temperature check and we also did Swab Testing. This entire thing took almost 2 hours. Finally we reached at hotel around 2 AM . 

Anyways long story short, I painted this using aqua brush in hotel which was super uncomfortable for me but I could manage it.

Our test results came negative, so after 7 days we will be home quarantined for another 7days. Then hopefully we will be good.

These are the thought time around world 🌎 We need to be very careful about hygiene and how we interact in society meaning maintaining social distancing Covering face, washing hand frequently then this will be little easy for everyone else around along yourself. Hope this time will pass soon.

Thank you for stopping by.

5 thoughts on “Day #81 /100 – Travel during pandemic (part II)

  1. My goodness, what a journey! You must be so happy to have all that behind you! Do you have a place to where you are moving? I’d love to see pictures sometime. Sending good thoughts that you and hubby have smooth sailing for the next 14 days and with moving in! 🥰🙏🏻💖

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    1. Yeah happy in a way. currently I am at in-laws place in Kolhapur city(my husband’s hometown) It’s a different city from where we live. Our offices are in the same city Pune (my hometown) so we bought an apartment there.
      But due to the lockdown these guys couldn’t come to Pune and that home was locked so we had to come all way here from Bombay airport.

      Oh yeah definitely would love to send photos to you, you know what there were many things that I wanted to share with you, if you remember I mentioned that on Facebook messenger long time back. Will ping you after my home quarantine time will be over. So I will go outside and click some photos for you.

      And thank you so much for sending good thoughts, I badly need them to settle down.


    1. Aww! Are you from Kolhapur ? Maze sasar aahe ethe. I am from Pune. We live in Pune but due to lockdown these guys couldn’t come to Pune. As the home was locked; We had to come all the way here.
      Definitely I would love to meet you in person. Where are you residing currently?


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