Day #80/ 100 – Toucanet & Travel during pandemic

In case if you’re wondering why haven’t posted anything in last ten days or so. Then here is long post explaining it in detail.

Umm 🤔 where to start with?
Well I was busy with packing suitcases, selling furniture, donating things and cleaning the apartment as we were moving back to India from Denver, Colorado. You know how much food or other stuff we have at home right? Cleaning and emptying everything in apartment takes long time and efforts. Plus sorting things which we could carry in our suitcases (it should not weigh more than 23 kg each) and packing them was a big hassle. so I was bogged down with all these things so couldn’t paint or post anything.

We left Denver on 7th July 5:30 AM, called Uber. The lady Uber driver was so inspiring, we saw coding podcast on her car screen and the conversation began. She was Uber driver and learning coding in her free time. She wanted to work for tech giants like amazon or google. My husband shared couple of useful links regarding coding and other learning resources. She said that you guys given me so much information that next couple of months I will keep myself busy with loading new information. Anyways her learning desire for coding was worth appreciating; and inspiring to me.
Reached Denver airport, checked in our 5 luggage suitcases, then the flight was Denver to Newark, almost 3 and half hours. That was a good journey.
We did overnight stay nearby hotel in Newark. Then next day tomorrow early morning we left for airport. We were expecting surprises like they will hesitate for excess luggage while checking in, and we heard that in this 15 hour journey they won’t give us any food and what not. When we reached at airport saw a long queue outside of AirIndia gate. All Indian in that queue, who were stuck in USA for some or other reason. Everyone/families got up early or many reached in NJ a day before like us. Anyways that line took us 2 hours to reach to checking counter. They gave us couple of forms or undertakings to fill in. Did the temperature check and when we were in the queue saw the AirIndia associates were arguing for some extra pounds of luggage like 23 kg was officially allowed if it’s 23.5 they will ask you to take out few things or pay $140 for it. We crossed the fingers that our luggage should be in the limit and it was. Finally done with checking and went ahead for security check that was done smoothly too. Now the wait for flight departure. We were expecting food counter from where we planned to get some food but unfortunately everything was closed except 2-3 shops which were selling canned juice or so.

Finally it’s the time to boarding, they provided PPE suits to each middle seat person. Mine was window seat and my husband’s was middle seat, he got that White full body PPE suit.  The journey was 15 hours long and I must say it was the most hectic journey till now. At least that’s what my experience.

I guess the post has became a mile long now, I must stop here and shall continue in Part 2. If you have made it this long then I really appreciate it.

Now, here I started with Toucanet, made some progress on it.


Thank you for reading this, I shall continue the story by tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Day #80/ 100 – Toucanet & Travel during pandemic

  1. What a long journey!
    The bird you painted is looking gorgeous, as always! I admire your commitment of painting for 100 days. I’m cheering you on! 🥳

    Liked by 1 person

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