Day #17/100 – Pale headed rosellas


I finished these rosellas. I kind of liked the greenery. It supports the main subject to stand out.what do you think 🤔?

Apart from that I don’t have much to write. I am painting every single day and counting days of this quarantine period. Eagerly looking forward to get the routine back from this pandemic.

It’s so horrible what’s happening around the world
🌎 Every time my heart breaks into million pieces when I read the news about loss of lives due to COVID 19. There is no greater pain than loosing the loved ones abruptly. I personally know how does it feels. I lost my two loved ones back to back within 20 days of time. First my aunt due to cancer and within 20 days my dad had severe hear attack in 2017. I miss them so much.

My condolences to all the families around the world who have suffered a loss during this pandemic.

Thank you for stopping by.

2 thoughts on “Day #17/100 – Pale headed rosellas

  1. The greenery is perfect for this pair of birdies! Yes, the world is hurting right now and it is heartbreaking to lose loved ones no matter the cause. I am so grateful and inspired to the heroes in the roles of health care workers, grocery store workers, carry out, truckers, etc. We have to hang on to hope and know we will get through this! Sending hugs to you, sweet Snehal!

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