Day #11/100 – Woodpeckers


Yay to these woodpeckers. It’s finished and looking for title!

I have painted woodpeckers for first time, was not sure how it will end up. Also this is my first attempt on composing more than 2 birds in a layout. After painting the dried branch, looking at the entire painting I was feeling very nervous. I felt like everything in the painting is focused, there is no rhythm. But then I convinced myself saying there is always next time. 😉

Materiarl used: Arches 140 lb cold press 100% cotton paper, Art Philosophy colors, Silver and Raphael brushes.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, these beautiful woodpeckers are from Kathy’s backyard. Thank you so much Kathy for allowing me use these photos for reference.


Thank you for following,  you can see my art on Instagram @artbysnehal I am also teaching art on Skillshare, you can take free art lessons for 2 months, click here.

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