Day #2 /100 – Sparrow and Dalgona


I have this little chubby sparrow for today. It’s been a while I used white night colors, I have used them today for painting this little birdie. Also it’s Draw A Bird Day today, so this is my entry for DABD.

I usually don’t post personal photos but On the other hand on the note of quarantine life, while everyone around the world is posting about “Dalgona” coffee photos, here is ours. We tried it today for fun 😀


8 thoughts on “Day #2 /100 – Sparrow and Dalgona

  1. I love your sweet bird for this month, the actual anniversary of DABD! I also had to look up a recipe for your coffee. Did you enjoy it? The recipe sounds heavenly, Snehal!


      1. Thank you so much dear Carol for all your encouraging comments 🤗🤗🤗 yes I am excited too for this 100 days project, let’s see how it goes. 😊


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