Everyone around here is in holiday mood, so do I. Yesterday I watched “The Christmas Chronicles” movie. I have watched couple more in the past week. I love watching Christmas movies; Santa and his miracles.

Growing up in India, in our house; we celebrated and still do celebrate a Festival of Lights Diwali 🪔 but at the same time I was always curious about Christmas. We do have a public holiday there on 25. These days most of the offices do a secret Santa 🎅, in gift exchange I got a beautiful red color necklace last year. Some offices do put tree up, people do decorate their cubicles. HR arranges games and activities along with snacks. It’s fun.
There are some streets in my hometown where shops and malls do eye catching decorations. There are some bakeries who are famous for their Christmas fruit cake and cookies. When we were in college we used to visit those streets on Christmas Eve.
On the other hand I so enjoy this holiday season in States. We do have put lights on in our patio here. When we go out in the evening I so love watching other people’s lights and decorations through my car window. Sometimes I think that I just need to take a walk to see those colorful blinking lights. 

Anyway coming back to movies, that I belief that impossible things can happen, has served me well. I do still believe that miracles can happen. I believe that there is more to life than what I can see and touch. Do you believe in miracles?


If you want to make a handmade holiday card or gift tags, I do have a class. Below link will take to the class and also gives you FREE TWO MONTHS PREMIUM subscription for all Skillshare classes.


Thank you for stopping by.

7 thoughts on “Miracles🎄

  1. The first Christmas movie that comes to my mind is The Holiday. Have you seen it?
    I haven’t watched Christmas Chronicles. I will watch now. Beautiful drawing!

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