Day25: #WorldWatercolorMonth – Violet-backed starling


And that being said, finally it’s time for the last rainbow color birds. Which is violet 💜

I have used Mijello Mission Gold colors and 140 lb cold press paper for this one.

Those who are new to my blog, just to let them know that I have been painting #rainbowbirds for #worldwatercolormonth If you want to see them all together and some of the work in progress videos then just visit my Instagram @artbysnehal

Well this is the second starling of the series, if you want to see earlier one which was in Indigo color then, just hop on here. 

If you get inspired by my art and create any, then don’t forget to share on Instagram with #inspiredbyartbysnehal so that I can see it too ! Thank you for visiting.

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