Day20: #WorldWatercolorMonth – Blue Bird


Not every bird painting makes me happy or I would say it’s not necessary that each painting should be a masterpiece. This one is the good example of that.

I painted this one in a hurry and at the end, in the loop of fixing this bird I ended up doing overwork on this.  Anyways this is how you learn Right?

Do you get such situations while painting? I would like to hear about your experiences.

8 thoughts on “Day20: #WorldWatercolorMonth – Blue Bird

    1. It happens Right! I feel very nervous when this happens 😀 thanks for sharing your experience Carol 💕 and so happy that you liked this blue bird too

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  1. Yes I have done this so many times!! Sometimes it’s best to start fresh once a piece feels stiff. Good for perspective! Of course you can edit some things in Photoshop too 😉

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    1. Yeah I agree that it’s better to start fresh! Yes colors can be fixed in photoshop but most likely I prefer to fix them on paper 🎨 then I feel good 😃 I know silly me!! 😆

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