Summer Bloom 🌸


Its been a while since I painted a realistic flower so here it is! It took me a long time to finish this piece of art. Initially I started with very high energy but then I was running out of patience so I stopped working on this one. But then looking at a finished piece I feel like those patience paid off , what say?

What I did is I tried to follow the same process throughout the entire painting, meaning every petal has the same style of layers. First one is very light wash of colors, second is medium dark colors then darker values etc.

Below are the progress photos, I tried to capture photos gradually, also you can see a couple of work in process video clips on my Instagram.

Material used are Prima Watercolors, Mission Gold Watercolors and Arches Cold Press 140 lb Paper.

If you get inspired with my artwork and create any, then don’t forget to share on Instagram with #inspiredbyartbysnehal so that I can see it too.

Ohh yes two more things, first is You are welcome to suggest me a title for this painting and second is I will be participating in #worldwatercolormonth which started tomorrow. Stay in touch for tomorrow’s post 😀

Thank you for stopping by.

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