Green Blue Pines 🌲



Today I practiced few more pine trees and tried to explore new things.  I just wanted to tell you that not every attempt of painting make me happy and this is one of them. So sometimes I just start over again. Is this happens with you too? What do you do then?

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12 thoughts on “Green Blue Pines 🌲

  1. I like your trees inside your trees! I think this is awesome, Snehal!! 🌈💕🎨👍 Watercolor doesn’t often turn out like I envisioned… 🤔 I think Kerfe’s answer is a good one, set it asside for awhile and see if I like it better another day. I also try to paint the subject again on another day. 😃

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    1. Thank you so much for your feedback Jill 💜💜 glad you liked these pine inside pine 🌲 but I often get bored of painting same topic again and again specially when it doesn’t turn out how I planned 😊😀

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  2. Normally I set paintings aside and can usually make them work later. Right now I’m doing a 30 in 30 challenge so I’ve been wiping the canvas if I’m dissatisfied with how a painting is coming along. I really don’t like losing time like that though.

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