Mockingbird – 64/100


I wanted to paint this bird a long time ago, this is the very first time I painted Mockingbird. Found this smart guy in Kathy’s backyard. Her incredible photos always inspire me to paint. Thank you so much Kathy for all your precious photographs sharing with us. Hope you’ll like this birdie. 😀

I started with pencil drawing but somehow today I took little extra time than usual to draw this bird. Is this happens with you too? or I’m the one who sometimes struggle with pencil drawing! By the way here is the video clip of first light color application.

Thank you for visiting!

10 thoughts on “Mockingbird – 64/100

  1. I have not seen one of these birds before, he looks like a very proud bird, your extra time sketching paid off… sometimes happens that way for me too…I started a painting last night, I could not get it right, started adding ink before I had got the sketch right, needless to say, it’s one for the bin, unless I go over it with pastel?…..I hate throwing away, I always like to challenge myself into saving paintings that go wrong 😀

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    1. ohh yes absolutely, wasting expensive paper is always hard for me. I have to learn how to repair them 😉 😀 LoL
      So glad to know you liked this birdie 💜 Thank you so much friend 😀

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