Stylish Pheasant – 63/100


Don’t you think he posed in a stylish way 😀 I really enjoyed painting this handsome guy. You can see my painting process videos on my Instagram ART account here. I painted this guy in layers first added lighter colors then mid tones and dark values at the end. You can see first two layers video clips on IG. Here is my first ever painted Pheasant.

Oh by the way today we visited Denver Art Museum. It was beyond amazing. We could see only 2-3 floors out of 6, but we decided to visit one more time to cover remaining levels. I got so inspired by the art display over there and decided to make few artwork in a series. I’ll definitely plan for it after this  #100days project.

Hope you had a great Saturday too! Thank you for visiting.

14 thoughts on “Stylish Pheasant – 63/100

  1. I do love this Snehal, I have the same photo saved to paint soon…my friend wants some pheasant paintings for his show room, one complete the next has yet to be started, I was very taken by ‘kev’s’ photo, a really cheeky look, you have done the photo proud 😀

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    1. Oh My God that was a great compliment Becky 😍 Thanks so much dear friend! I’m looking forward to your version as well 😀 I’m sure that will be incredible as usual. Ohh yes his photos are absolutely great. 😀

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