Roses & Buds – 32/100



Started the second flower series (for next 10 days) with my favorite flower 🌹 You can see earlier 10 flowers here.

This one I started directly with paint. I used Windsor & Newton colors for this one. I ‘m quite happy with the roses and buds. Then I thought let me add some background to create some contrast.

I have a habit of taking work in progress photos. So luckily I have one for this painting too. Here is the photograph before adding foliage.


But at the end I was totally disappointed with that bumpy foliage. What do you think about that green background?

15 thoughts on “Roses & Buds – 32/100

  1. I like your flowers in both photos! In the second photo – before the green foliage, I am drawn to the colors of your roses and the patterns of the petals – which are beautiful! In the first photo – with the green leaves, I like how the green “frames” the roses. I don’t see any bumpiness that you described. 🌹

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    1. Aww that’s really nice of you to give me a detail feedback. Thank you so much dear Jill 💕
      Yeah I thought the same way and then went ahead and added foliage.
      So happy to know you liked it.

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