Orange Breasted Sunbird – 10/100


It’s a colorful Tuesday! Wow it’s already day 10! I’m painting birds in a row for last 10 days, so I’ll be thinking of doing flowers for next 10 days just for a change!  It’s something like 10 days birds then next 10 days flowers again birds… I should not get bored with my own resolution right 😉  Kidding  😀 😀

Any ways talking about this illustration. Do you remember yesterday I said I’ve started using White nights colors! switching color brands in painting has always been little difficult for me. As you are familiar with the tone,tints and shades of those particular color. So you know well that what color/color combination you should use for particular result you are looking for. What happened here is I thought I don’t have an appropriate shade of Turquoise for neck part of bird. I used the other color at end I had a detailed look at my palette and realised oh God I already have that color!!! Brrrh! But somehow I manged to get the desired result!.

This Orange Breasted Sunbird is inspired from a photo of Marna Buys‎. Thanks you.

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