Because it’s Monday #26: Bunny


I know you must be surprised no flower no bird on this Monday! 😀  Yes I thought let’s try something different for a change, here is a Bunny.

I started with a pencil drawing then outline with micron, then moved to paint with wet on wet technique. Hope you’ll like my little bunny.

Thanks to John Frost for the reference photo.


19 thoughts on “Because it’s Monday #26: Bunny

    1. Aww! Comment from you, specially on this topic much appreciated 💕💜 it’s more in loose style so it’s not at all looking realistic! Thanks so much friend!

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      1. It is fantastic Snehal, great pose captured in a delightful way, showing the gentle nature in the way you have painted it, I don’t think animals should always look realistic, otherwise we may as well put a photo on the wall….my fav ones are the whacky odd coloured hares, of blue and pink, so much fun to paint…in fact I need to do one again, they really cheer me up, a bit of therapeutic art ❤️❤️❤️

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      2. Heehe Thanks friend! Yes I agree! Ohh yeah I remember your hare the one you described! Such a natural subject in odd color but it was turned out really awesome 💜 SOmetimes it’s fun 🎨

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