White Beauty


Last week I painted water-lily but I was quite disappointed with the over all result. I thought it was lacking of depth so I decided to paint the same subject one more time and here it is!

I stared with pencil drawing then applied mask on flower and edges of leaves oh yes, covered flower reflection too. Then moved to painting water first then leaves and flower followed by its reflection. I guess this is the first time I painted the white flower! I used shades of blue and gray for flower. I tried my best to show flower reflection in water but um… 😀

Here are few work in progress pictures. Thanks to Karen Broemmelsick for lovely photo reference.

This time I’m quite happy with results, would love to know your comments and suggestion over the same. Thanks for visiting. Have a happy long weekend.

21 thoughts on “White Beauty

  1. I really like your last water lily and still do but I see now comparing the two why you wouldn’t be happy with it. I see more detail and the depth you added to this one makes it stand out. You did really well!

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  2. Snehal… this is sooo beautiful! I imagine its incredibly difficult to paint a white flower when using watercolors, and I think you’ve done an amazing job. I really get a sense of tranquility from your painting, I love it.

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